Has the popularity of passers-by disappeared after being labeled Ten Billion Box Office Actors?

 Has the popularity of passers-by disappeared after being labeled Ten Billion Box Office Actors?

Three years, eight movies and 10 billion yuan. Did you hear it very well at first?

But after careful deliberation, we found many loopholes.

First of all, look at Du Jiangs position in the eight works listed.

Only Mr. High-heeled Shoes starred Du Jiang, with a total box office of 129 million.

Captain of China is three times, 2.1 billion (as of October 11);

There are also three times in Long Term and Long Term, with a total of 445 million.

Red Sea Action four times, 3.65 billion;

The History of Romantic Death is ten times, 122 million;

Me and My Motherland is composed of seven units, it can not calculate the number of times, but I believe that many small partners have seen the film, Du Jiangs play is more or less measured in mind. (As of October 11, the box office was 2.4 billion.)

That is to say, only one of the eight works is Du Jiangs work, which is relatively unknown, while other famous works, Du Jiang is only a supporting role, or even a supporting role four times away.

By this standard, of Du Jiangs 10 billion box office, Red Sea Action and My Motherland do not meet the three-fold criteria. Together, more than half of the box office will be deducted, nearly 6 billion.

In addition, there are nine actors ahead of Du Jiang in the box office rankings: either the main actors in the Manway series, such as Scarlett Johnson and Robert Downey Jr., or the main actors in the Speed and Passion series, Dawn Johnson, plus Wu Jing, Huang Bo, Shen Teng and Deng Chao mentioned earlier.

Compared with the previous guys, Du Jiangs fame and box office appeal seem to be slightly inferior, in which there is a loss and embarrassment.

Another Chinese actor who is about to break through 10 billion is Wang Baoqiang, who is also an actor of the post-80s generation.

At present, the total box office has reached 9.703 billion. By the time Chinatown Detection 3 is released in the Spring Festival, this number will probably exceed 10 billion.

Who would have thought that Wang Baoqiangs first post-80s title, which broke the box office by 10 billion yuan, would disappear if he killed a Cheng Bian Jin halfway.

In addition, in the initial statistics, the British film Paddington Bear dubbed by Du Jiang was counted in the box office of 10 billion.

Dubbing works can also be regarded as real achievements, which is really unique.

Dujiang studio directly brought the topic of Du Jiangchengs first post-80s Chinese ten billion actors to the blog for celebration.

Then, Du Jiang himself praised Guanwei of My Motherland and Me for publishing the content.

The manuscript is arranged promptly.

It means that Du Jiangs group embraced the honor.

Just this time, does Dujiangs team seem to overestimate their popularity?

Netizens began to stop buying, thinking Du Jiang was rubbing the box office.

Although they are all good films made in large scale, none of them go to Dujiang to watch.

If you participate in the performance, even at the box office, Hengdians group performers can also exceed 10 billion.

Originally, I had a good feeling. As a result, my feeling declined because of box office blowing.

Seeing that the effect was not good, the studio quickly re-edited the micro-blog and deleted Du Jiang as the first post-80s Chinese actor.

Du Jiang also responded, Thank every film team, thank the good times, thank the good audiences who never let go of any good movies, take the free ride of the times.

The answer was quite appropriate.

Generally speaking, Du Jiangs reputation has always been good.

Du Jiang, who graduated from Shanghai Opera, started his career as a TV actor in his early years. In many urban emotional works, we can see his figure.

For example, Hard Love starring Deng Chao and Che Xiao.

Doctor Xuezhi in Young Doctor.

But most of the works, he is a supporting role, fortunately, in a pair of big eyes with characteristics, left an impression on the audience.

Later, Du Jiang married actor Huo Siyan and gave birth to his son, Du Yuqian, Uh-huh. Three members of his family joined in recording two variety shows, Dad Back and Where Dad Goes.

Still a strict wife, and Horsyan love very much.

He also has patience with his son Uh-huh, and the interaction between father and son is very loving.

The smart and lovely Huo Siyan Dujiang and his wife, who are talented and beautiful, form the perfect family in many peoples hearts.

Du Jiangs popularity soared with two variety shows, and his resources improved visibly.

Take the National Day File as an example, Du Jiang participated in two of the three gifts films. One was to play Captain Liang Dong in Captain China, the other was to play a flag-raising player in the Return unit in Me and My Motherland.

Although the resources seem to be on the rocket, Dujiang is really working hard.

Not only do you control your diet, but you eat broccoli chicken and drink water when youre hungry. It takes six hours of strength training every day, and aerobic training for muscle endurance at weekends. It is said that body fat has been reduced from 14% to 7%.

Filming in the desert is so tired that it dehydrates.

When sleeping, there are worms under the pillow.

When shooting my country and I, I worked overtime every time, and I used my rest time to practice walking in the corner and raising the flag by myself.

When standing in military posture, the finger pants are clipped with playing cards and T-frame on the back, in order to achieve the closest to the real military image.

Du Jiang also admitted that he was not a gifted actor, only a foolish bird to fly first.

Heroes of Fire in the last cries while gnawing chicken leg picture, so that many viewers shed tears.

The change from ignorance to ruthlessness in The History of the Death of Romantic is also impressive.

Although there are occasional moments of instability, for example, Dujiangs part is criticized as awkward in the long run of the earth.

But on the whole, the audience did not hate the man with big eyebrows.

But if the audience is asked to speak about Dujiangs masterpiece or representative role at once, it may be that the first reaction of many people is hum dad or Huo Siyans husband.

When the audience sees a role, they will sigh, If only Huang and Bo could play it, but they have never heard the saying Let Du Jiang do it.

In other words, if there is a play starring Du Jiang today, and others are just less famous than Du Jiang, what will the box office be like?

Moreover, Du Jiang and his team should understand the principle of to wear the crown, must bear its weight. Calling actors or tens of billions of actors, behind the honor is more responsibility, to be responsible for box office and public praise.

If the audience rating of Japanese drama is too low, the leading actor needs to apologize and apologize.

Similarly, if a bad film is performed and the acting skills are slightly poor, it is these so-called tens of billions of actors who are the first to stand up and be scolded.

So, what a big hat to wear is enough to be an actor and play every role well.

As for the box office, you can see a little light, a little more light...

Source: Sun Yilin_NK5261, Editor-in-Charge of Manuscript Editorial Department