Zhang Heng dare not look directly at Zheng Shuang? Dad Jon Chen: Girls are better than him.

 Zhang Heng dare not look directly at Zheng Shuang? Dad Jon Chen: Girls are better than him.

The dessert shop of the little couple is officially open, not to mention, one is responsible for doing, one is responsible for ordering, division of labor and appearance.

Not only Zheng Shuangs desserts are praised by the fans who come here for their fame, but Zhang Hengs service attitude is also the top one - personal service, outstanding ability of note taking, afraid that fans can turn into small fans after waiting too long! Heng Ge, Xiaobian is a little pink by you!

And the business of Shuangheng dessert on the first day of its opening is too hot! As a result, the supply of ice and bubble water is out of demand.

In order to have a steady stream of ice, Zhang Hengyi switched to boyfriend force Max mode - press 1: contact the boss to find a solution. Press 2: Buy ice! Press 3: Hand-lift the ice against the sun. Heng Ge is in place in all respects. Looking quite reliable?

With Zhang Heng solving the rear problem, Zheng Shuang sang Love Waltz with his fans at the front desk. The sentence No one can match my beat better than you, no one can replace you to rely on me is also the scene to Xiaobian almost cry out! As Pai said, Xiaoshuang and fans make me feel like a group of children playing together, and then Zhang Heng solves adult problems behind them. The little bus is divided into two worlds. Maybe love is you singing and dancing in front, and Ill contact the bubble (water) in the back, right?

So the two were busy living until sunset before returning to their world. Shuang Mei opened up a series of rainbow butt patterns for Zhang Heng: very focused, very ambitious, I like you this point.

Heng Ge, who is a bit smart, has no sense of the mornings hegemonic president. He is like an unnatural child praised by his teacher. He is restless and pouts out his sexy mouth. Shuangmei was also puzzled: Why are you more embarrassed than I am?

We Heng elder brother cant hear the praise of love, even cant look at Zheng Shuang. Its not because Zheng Shuang has something stuck on his face, its just Heng elder brother! Shy!

But next second! Zhang Heng raided the bobobo and Zheng Shuang! Uh huh? Wasnt she too shy to look at her just now? Is that all routine?

But what puzzles Xiao Bian is why he dares not look at Zheng Shuang for more than a year. Fathers also speculated: Is he not confident? Its supposed that girls are better than you. Papi sauce joked that maybe Zhang Hengxin lived in a little girl, haha.~

What do you think is the reason why Zhang Heng dare not look at Zheng Shuang?

But secretly, the shy Zhang Heng pointed to the sunset to divert the topic of Yazi unexpectedly somewhat cute? Although this pair has been labeled as strong women and weak men, they still have a good relationship as long as they dont quarrel with each other.

But did Xiaobian notice that our Shuangmei company is crying again in the next issue? Hey, isnt it so sweet? Xiaobian is really a heart of chasing drama, up and down, I really want to know what happened! Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yin Lili_NK3689

But Xiaobian noticed that next issue we Shuangmei cried again? Hey, isnt it so sweet? Xiaobian is really a playful heart, up and down, really want to know what happened!