Guangzhou Auto Toyota Willanda is the first to see the most reliable picture of the effect at present.

 Guangzhou Auto Toyota Willanda is the first to see the most reliable picture of the effect at present.

1. Name Willanda (Credibility: 90%).

From the previous trademark declaration information, Guangzhou Auto Toyota registered a new name Willanda, the name structure is similar to Hanlanda, presumably the name of a brand new SUV.

Spy photos of suspected GAC Toyota willanda

2. Appearance modelling is Little Hanlanda (credibility: 85%).

_FAW Toyota New RAV4 Rongfang_

3. Two Kinds of Motivation, Self-priming and Mixing (Credibility: 90%)

Power, like Rongfang, Wilanda will also be equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and a 2.5L hybrid power system, with transmission systems matching CVT and E-CVT gearboxes, respectively. Four-drive system should also be three kinds, dynamic torque control system (DTC), dynamic torque vector control system (DTV) and electronic four-drive system (E-Four). Among them, the 2.0L version will carry DTV dynamic torque vector control system and distribute the rear axle torque independently. While the 2.5L hybrid vehicle is equipped with an electronic four-wheel system (e-four). Under the three motor support, the torque ratio of the front and rear wheels can reach 20:80. In addition, the new car will provide three modes of ECO, NORMAL and SPORT to meet the different driving needs of consumers.

4. Locate it in configuration (credibility: 80%)

We have already been familiar with the dual-car strategy of many auto companies. Like Guangzhou Automobile Toyota C-HR and FAW Toyota Yize, is the positioning of Willanda and the new RAV4 also the same? According to reliable information, Guangzhou Auto Toyota Willanda will be more luxurious in external configuration and interior equipment, and will even introduce a number of Lexus models with the same equipment. If so, Wilandas style will be completely different from the new RAV4, which will be more comfortable and luxurious.

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