10 luxury villas in Xinjiang

 10 luxury villas in Xinjiang

But many people dont know what the characteristics of Xinjiangs houses are. Today, the household monarch follows YouTube bloggers pace and takes you into two Xinjiang families to see what their houses look like.

Luxury villas in Xinjiang are decorated like European-style Palace carvings, super-fine kitchens and beds.

There are many villas in the old town of Kashgar in Xinjiang, which are in sharp contrast to the surrounding bungalows. Moreover, as long as 10 yuan, you can visit these rich families.

After entering, you will find that the layout inside is very beautiful, very European-style Palace feeling, all kinds of doors and windows are beautifully shaped, and they are also very good at decorating with carpets.

Like this big yard, there are many flowers and plants planted, it looks very interesting.

The kitchen cabinet is also a classical style. There are many lines on the door, even the dishes on the closet are very beautiful. And the kitchen actually has a bed, I dont know if its sleeping for the nanny.

The living room is even more brilliant, although used a lot of gold and yellow, but it does not look rustic, but people feel very delicate and noble.

Many flowers are also carved on the pillars of the house. It is said that these flowers are also a local custom. The more flowers are carved, the richer the family will be.

And the roof of the house is dedicated to feeding pigeons. Next, together with the household gentleman, click on the atlas below to see more exquisite decoration details of Xinjiang villas.