Xinjiang Kazakhs move several times a year to live in felt houses in summer and bungalows in winter

 Xinjiang Kazakhs move several times a year to live in felt houses in summer and bungalows in winter

Come on, lets first take a look at the felt house on the mountain where they live in summer.~

As the characteristic residence of Kazak people, yurt is also called the White Palace of grassland. The material of the felt house, felt (made from the fur of horses, cattle and alpacas), can protect against wind and rain as well as moisture and cold. In addition, since there is a white palace, then the color of felt must be mainly white, light brown is a minority.

The interior furnishings and arrangements of Kazakh felt houses are very formal. The door of the felt room must face the sunrise, and the part of things stacked will be separated from the part of the residents. Generally, there are wooden boxes and cabinets with valuables or clothes on the front of the door. And both sides are neatly stacked with bedding and so on, and are covered with cloth. The big shop that enters the door is a place for entertaining guests and resting.

This carpet house is really delicate, colorful and full of minority customs. Living in the mountains in summer is cool and comfortable, coupled with the house using such bright color matching, there is a magic of one can walk in, the haze in the heart can be dissipated.~

Kazakh people live in winter mountain bungalows are also exquisite, the interior layout and felt room is generally the same, the living room is a large open shop, no sofa. The walls will also be covered with large red hanging cloth with ethnic minority flavor and white cloth symbolizing peace.

Although the cottage is small in size, there is a large open space in front of it for raising cattle and sheep. When smoke rises, cattle and sheep take a leisurely walk in the open space, and the host is busy with his meals, a picture of pyrotechnic family springs up in front of him.