Snow Village ushered in the first snow northeast house is really full of big red quilt

 Snow Village ushered in the first snow northeast house is really full of big red quilt

The snow here is heavy, sticky and has a long period. It snows from October every year to April next year. The snowfall lasts for 7 months and the thickness of the snow can reach about 2 meters. Snow has a variety of shapes and shapes.

It looks really super fantastic from the outside ~But what is the parent of this snowy country family? Would it be as warm as a little house in a fairy tale? Lets go and see what happened with my sister at home.

Yes, as soon as you enter the door, all kinds of northeastern safflower come to you! The original appearance of the dream of a small public lift, so grounded in the heart~

The house in Xuexiang is the traditional style of Northeast Folk House. There is a big fire Kang in the house, which is covered with the sign of big red quilt in Northeast China. It looks very festive. I believe you are also very curious about the heating principle of the fire kang. Home sister will give you details.~

Each Kang actually has a stove mouth and smoke mouth, which is used for firewood burning. When smoke and hot gas from firewood burning pass through the wall between kangs, the stones above are heated so that the Kang generates heat. The smoke is eventually discharged outdoors through the chimney through the smoke outlet of the fire kang. In the northern houses, the Kang usually connects the cookers mouth with the cookers stand, so that the firewood used for cooking can be used to heat the kang, so that it is no longer necessary to burn the Kang alone.

Snow country people usually put small tables on the warm Kang to make all kinds of pasta. Sometimes they also eat around the table, which is warm and warm.~

In fact, in the northeast, it is not only Snow Township, an ancient village with beautiful snow scenery. There is also a quiet, simple and peaceful ancient village in the deep mountain forest on the west slope of Changbai Mountain. It is just like Tao Yuanmings Outer World Taoyuan, which is Jinjiang Wooden House Village.

Wood walls, wooden doors, wooden tiles, wooden chimneys, wooden fences, firewood piles... The whole village can not see bricks and tiles, almost all built of wood. Blue sky, white snow, yellow cottage smoke curl, a peaceful scene. People living in a complex city come here, and their hearts will become calm in an instant.

Today, there are more than 50 families living in the ancient wooden house village, guarding the mountains and forests, as well as the small wooden houses passed down from generation to generation. Most people here keep yard dogs. When you get close to them, you can keep barking. Maybe its necessary for people in the mountains, but occasionally you can meet some geese.

As the ancient wooden house village is gradually known by outsiders, tourists often come here. Some villagers set up stalls in front of their own yard to sell some local specialties.

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