DJO: Im not tough enough. Sisypus is likely to be the number one in the world

 DJO: Im not tough enough. Sisypus is likely to be the number one in the world

Deyo looked very sorry.

Before the game, Djokovic and Sisypas had only two encounters, and the two sides were equally divided. Last year at the Rogers Cup, the Greek teenager, Zeng Sanlik, was the Serbian who just won the Wimbledon tournament and eventually entered the first Masters final in his career.

The last match between the two was this years clay court. In the Madrid Masters final held in May, Djokovic easily defeated Sisipas in two sets, which equalled Nadals 33 Masters Championship record.

More than four months later, Djokovic met his old opponent in the ATP 1000 again, but the Greeks in front of him were not what they used to be. Sisypas is recovering from the trough of one-round tour, although he lost to Tim at the just-finished China Open.

Sissy Paz adjusted the situation in time.

In the game, Djokovics first set was still on fire. He won the first set 6-3. But then the situation turned sharply, he was broken in the 11th inning of the second set, and was beaten out of temper by his opponent in the third set.

The Serbs made 26 unforced errors throughout the match, leading 22 of their opponents, while Deyo scored 28 wins, but not as many as Sisipazs 34.

I played well at first, but I wasnt tough enough. I lacked some speed and running, so I didnt break in two sets. Sisypas serves well. Thats where he needs to be praised. Deyo was not satisfied with his performance at the post-match press conference.

Sisypus is playing very well today. I cant defend him. He is likely to be the number one player in the world in the future.

So far, Djokovic, the defending champion, had no chance to go any further in Shanghai, so he lost 820 points and again opened the gap with Nadal in the championship points of the year-end finals.

Source: Zhao Ruiqi_NB12596