Xi Jinping published his signature article in Nepal media.

 Xi Jinping published his signature article in Nepal media.

Xi Jinping, President of the Peoples Republic of China

China and Nepal are linked by mountains and rivers and have been friendly for generations. More than 1600 years ago, Chinese monks Faxian and Nepalese monks Buddha Tuobatara visited each others countries and cooperated in translating Buddhist classics that have been passed down to this day. In the Tang Dynasty, Princess Chizun of Nepal married Zampson Zangganbu of Tubo. Xuanzang, a senior monk, visited Lambini, the birthplace of Sakyamuni and left a precious written record. In the Yuan Dynasty, Anigo, a famous Nepalese craftsman, led craftsmen to China and presided over the construction of such magnificent buildings as the White Pagoda of Miaoying Temple in Beijing. These good stories of friendship have inspired the people of the two countries to know each other from generation to generation and move forward hand in hand.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal in 1955, the two countries have always respected, trusted and supported each other, and have become models of equal treatment, friendly cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win among neighbouring countries.

u2014u2014 China and Nepal are good partners for mutual benefit. Nepal is an important trade and development partner of China in South Asia. Last year, bilateral trade reached US$1.1 billion, and Chinas investment in Nepal exceeded US$300 million. The Nigerian side takes an active part in building the one belt and one road. The two sides are building and upgrading infrastructure including highways, ports, airports, power stations and so on. A China Unicom network spanning Himalaya is beginning to take shape. This will not only facilitate the two countries, but will also benefit the region.

u2014u2014 China and Nepal are good neighbors to learn from each other. The Chinese temple built in Lumbini has become a symbol of religious and cultural exchanges between China and Nepal. Nepal is the first outbound tourist destination of Chinese citizens in South Asia. At present, there are about 60 flights between the two countries every week, with more than 300000 people visiting each other every year. The two countries have concluded 11 pairs of friendly cities. Increasingly frequent exchanges have promoted mutual understanding between the two peoples and contributed to their respective development and progress.

u2014u2014 China and Nepal are good brothers who help each other. In 2008, Wenchuan, China, suffered from the devastating earthquake disaster. The Nepalese government and people made donations enthusiastically to support Chinas earthquake relief. Following the great earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the Chinese government and people quickly extended their assistance to implement large-scale relief operations and support post-disaster reconstruction in Nepal. This vividly shows the brotherhood of China and Nepal.

At present, the government and people of Nepal are moving forward towards the beautiful vision of prospering Nepal and happy Nepalese. The Chinese government and people are also striding forward towards the goal of two hundred years. The people of China and Nepal share common dreams and destinies. The times require the two countries to strengthen cooperation and create a better future.

u2014u2014 We need to deepen strategic communication. The two sides should draw a blueprint for China-Nepal relations in the new era from a strategic height and a long-term perspective, so as to push bilateral relations to a new high. We should maintain high-level exchanges, enhance political mutual trust, and continue to firmly support each other on issues involving each others core interests. We should strengthen exchanges and sharing of experience in governance and development so as to better benefit the people of the two countries.

u2014u2014 We should expand practical cooperation. Both sides should actively promote the construction of cross-Himalayan three-dimensional interconnection network. China supports Chinese enterprises to invest in Nepal, focusing on strengthening cooperation in four major areas: Trade and investment, post disaster reconstruction, energy and tourism. Nepal is welcome to attend the 2nd China International Import Expo to promote the export of Nepalese characteristic products to China. China will continue to strongly support post-disaster reconstruction in Nepal and provide support and assistance to the peoples livelihood in Nepal.

u2014u2014 We should expand cultural exchanges. The two sides should promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, youth and tourism, support aviation enterprises of the two countries to open more direct flights and increase the scale of personnel exchanges. China supports Nepal in hosting the Nepal Tourism Year 2020 and encourages more Chinese citizens to visit Nepal. China will provide more government scholarships for outstanding young people in Nepal and train more talents needed for Nepals construction. More young Nepalese students are welcome to study in China.

u2014u2014 We should strengthen security cooperation. China supports Nepal in strengthening law enforcement capacity-building and will cooperate with Nepal in law enforcement training. The two sides should strengthen border defense ties, combat cross-border crimes more effectively, and ensure the safety of personnel and smooth economic and trade exchanges between the two countries. We should also continue to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in such areas as mutual visits, personnel training and equipment technology between the two armies.

Nepalese people often say that dripping water can also fill a vat, and Chinese people also say that people gather firewood with high flame. I believe that as long as the two countries inherit and carry forward the tradition of friendship and persevere in expanding exchanges and cooperation, China-Nepal friendship across the Himalayas will surely be pushed to a new height.