Hong Kong CUHK girls said they were sexually violent after being arrested by the police

 Hong Kong CUHK girls said they were sexually violent after being arrested by the police

At a dialogue at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on the evening of October, a Chinese university girl claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by police officers at the Xinwuling detention center after being arrested by the police. Later, she changed her mind to say that she had been subjected to sexual violence at Kwai Chung Police Station. In response, the Hong Kong police said at a press conference on November 11 that they attached great importance to the allegation. The police opened an investigation on the morning of November 11 and tried to contact the victim. However, they were unable to reach the victim at present, and the complaint police department had not received any complaints about sexual violence in the Xinwuling detention centre and Kwai Chung police station.

The police said they would deal with the accusation in a serious and sensitive manner, and that no matter who the victim was or what he did, they would protect the identity of the victim and investigate the accusation fairly and impartially. The police said that more measures had been taken to prevent the victim from further injury, including the investigation of the case by a police officer of the same sex, the introduction of non-governmental agencies to the girl for her service, and the permission to be accompanied by a suitable person for the investigation as long as there was no obstruction of justice.

The police also said that they had tried to reach the victim from 11 days ago, including through universities and other channels, but had not yet been able to reach her. In addition, so far, the Complaints Section has not received complaints of sexual assault and violence from Xinwuling and Kwai Chung. The police advised the university to accompany the victim to the police station for a complaint investigation, and pleaded with the owner and other persons who could provide information to provide evidence for the police to find out the truth.

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