Wuxi viaduct rollover: How many points can the official response to public opinion score?

 Wuxi viaduct rollover: How many points can the official response to public opinion score?

Picture: Live Video

At about 18:10 on October 10, a bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 National Highway 312 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province and on Xigang Road. Search and rescue confirmed that there were three cars under the bridge, one of which was parked (no one). The accident resulted in three deaths and two injuries.

Picture: A screenshot of the microblog of the Beijing News

Picture: CCTV news microblog screenshot

According to the public opinion monitoring data of the New Beijing News, the public opinion of the whole network about the collapse of Wuxi viaduct reached its peak around 20 oclock on October 10, and showed an obvious upward trend again on the morning of November 11, reflecting the high attention paid by all sectors of society to the event. # Wuxi Viaduct Collapse,

Public Opinion Trend Map

As of 10:00 on October 11, each channel had 3526 online media articles, 66 newspapers and magazines, 6078 app1 articles, 4152 forums, 30 blogs and 3559 wechat articles, with more than 600000 microblog messages. Microblog became the main communication position of the event. On the media side, the media such as New Beijing News, CCTV News, China News Network and Surging News released news on the micro-blog platform for the first time, and continued to follow up the development of the incident to report.

Network Hot Word Map

In this incident, the more exposed hot words include Wuxi, viaduct collapse, accident, casualties, rollover, overload, Jiangsu, vehicles, rescue and so on, reflecting the focus of public opinion on this event.

Figure: Geographical Distribution of Bloggers

According to the analysis of the registered place of microblog bloggers, it can be seen that Internet users from Jiangsu pay most attention to this event. In addition, a large number of Internet users from Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities actively voice on microblog.

Figure: Analysis of netizenscomments

The collapse of the viaduct quickly fermented in a short period of time. According to the views of netizens, it is the attitude of most netizens to pay attention to rescue work and pray for safety. At the same time, the key topics attracting public opinion focus on the following two aspects:

First, the bridge or the car?

It is reported that when the accident happened, a large truck with serious overload was driving on the bridge. It was initially thought that it might be the direct cause of bridge collapse. In the evening of 10, the reason for the collapse of the viaduct was the focus of public opinion, Is the design of the bridge unreasonable? Heavy truck overload? These questions have been hotly discussed by netizens.

As for the collapse of viaducts, there have been many accidents. Typical cases are as follows:

After the analysis, we know that all kinds of accidents are caused by design and construction reasons, and also by the demolition of old bridges. At the same time, the burden of trucks on the bridge is also a major hidden danger.

After the collapse of the viaduct in Wuxi, public opinion generally focused on the design of the bridge and large trucks. Some netizens sent out a comparison between the shape of the viaduct in Wuxi and that of the viaduct in Shanghai, believing that the design of the viaduct in Wuxi has defects.

Figure: viaduct comparison

As the two listed companies involved in the accident bridge design in the rumor, Jiangsu Jiaoke and China Construction Group both issued a Clarification Announcement on the morning of the 11th to deny it, but influenced by the public opinion, Jiangsu Jiaoke and China Construction Group both opened lower on the stock market on the 11th.

Figure: 11 Stock Market Opening Data

Tian Eye Survey shows that Wuxi Traffic Planning Survey and Design Institute is the historical name of Zhongshi Share. However, the authenticity of the above-mentioned documents has not been verified to the relevant departments and intermediate shares in Wuxi. Up to now, no announcement has been issued on the Intermediate Shares.

The section where the Wuxi Side-Over Bridge is located was tendered for renovation in July of this year. When the reporter searched the official website of Wuxi City Key Construction Project Management Center, he found that the involved Side-Over Bridge was tendered for renovation in July of this year. Comparing with reporters, the accident section is located in the bidding section.

Picture: A screenshot of the official website of Wuxi Urban Construction Center

Is it the end of the viaduct?

However, the design and construction of the bridge is not the only focus of public opinion. Some historical articles about the collapse of the viaduct by trucks have once again aroused the attention and dissemination of netizens.

How long will the Wuxi Fast Inner Ring Viaduct last? u300b And How to Identify the Car that Can Collapse the Bridge? Look! Help! u300b It has become a hot topic with a large amount of dissemination in the evening of 10 days. At present, the reading volume has exceeded 100,000 +, and attracted many readers to participate in the comment.

After the collapse of Wuxi viaduct, this article has again received great attention, and micro-credit users have left messages.

In addition, another tweet article from the Global Times was again widely disseminated on the evening of the 10th.

The article shows that some super heavy trucks in our country have extremely strong lethality and destructive power to highways.

The following picture:

This article is aimed at the popularization of science for overloaded trucks, which is easy for the public to identify and take precautions against.

Whether it is the design of viaducts or the perennial traffic caused by overweight trucks is one of the focus topics of public opinion, which needs further serious verification and implementation by relevant departments in the future. According to a number of netizens confirmed to reporters in the Beijing News, there are often large trucks passing along the section of the accident.

Because there are many steel cities around, so many large trucks will enter and exit here, including many foreign vehicles, every evening there will be traffic jams. According to the video of Ministry of Transport and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport, when the accident happened, it was confirmed that there was a serious overload truck driving on the bridge, which may be the most direct fuse of bridge collapse. The conclusion of the preliminary analysis is that the overturning of the overpass bridge is caused by the overloading of the transport vehicle. Some netizens also believe that overloaded trucks on the bridge caused the collapse.

In response, the Beijing News published Five Questions about the Rollover Accident of Wuxi Elevated Bridge: Is the problem only overloaded?

2. Local government microblog did not respond, and public opinion criticized loudly.

Microblog screenshot of Peoples Daily

At about 2:00 a.m. on November 11, Peoples Daily joined forces with the Beijing News to release live video messages, which attracted the attention of a large number of netizens, and the number of reviews continued to increase. But some netizens appealed for people to wait for the official notice of Wuxi Municipal Government. This idea of not believing in rumors and not spreading rumors has also been affirmed by many netizens.

After the collapse of Wuxi viaduct, a number of media have released news, arousing social concern. However, nine hours after the accident, CCTV reporters on-site connected to the governments on-duty hotline, the other side said that they did not know the details, while the head of the Propaganda Department continued to be unanswered. Later, several media forwarded the topic of on-duty hotline said that they did not know the details of the micro-blog of the Municipal Government News Office did not mention anything. For such emergencies, the relevant departments of the local government are in an emergency. Information acquisition and response have not reflected timeliness, which ignited many negative emotions of netizens, leading to further fermentation of public opinion.

Figure: screenshot of Weibo comments

Whether its true post-perception or cautious consideration, we should deal with the concerns of the public more quickly and transparently. It is an effective way to avoid further misunderstanding and grasp the initiative of public opinion guidance to take timely emergency measures, actively cooperate with the media and publish, and clearly and thoroughly respond to the expectations of the masses.

Returning to the accident itself, the problems exposed by the accident clearly show that there are many places that need to be repaired. Whether it is due to bridge design or overloaded trucks, road and bridge safety needs to be investigated and maintained regularly in the future. At the same time, it is self-evident that overweight trucks do harm to the safety performance of bridges and automobiles. It is necessary to strictly limit and exceed multi-lane sections and bridges so as to eliminate the possibility of accidents arising from goods.

Table 1: Top 10 of microblog popularity list of media organizations

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