Strong typhoon Mingming landed in Japan, intense preparations for war: tram shutdown rubber cloth sold out

 Strong typhoon Mingming landed in Japan, intense preparations for war: tram shutdown rubber cloth sold out

Typhoon 19 Satellite Cloud Map (Japan Meteorological Agency) at 10.50 a.m. on November 11

Overseas Network, Oct. 11, local time, the morning of 11, Japan Meteorological Agency announced that Typhoon No. 19 of this year, Haibes will land in Guandong area on the night of 12, and warned that the Typhoon is the strongest level in history in the area, appealing to the public not to go out as far as possible on the day of 12.

Prediction of Typhoon 19s Route

According to Fuji TV, TBS TV and Kyodo News Agency, Typhoon No. 19, which will land at night on the 12th, will be the strongest level in history in Guandong, bringing in rainfall or breaking records. In addition, JR East Japan announced that on the 12th day, all its trams will be shut down all day. Huatang, Ishidan and other large shopping malls also plan to close most of their stores in Kanto all day.

Disaster warning or issuance at the same level as the East Japan Earthquake

Izu Prefecture, Japan (Current News Agency) after Typhoon Sakawa transited in 1958

According to Fuji TV on November 11, at a press conference held by the Japan Meteorological Agency on the morning of November 11, Yasushi Hayahara, an official of the Forecasting Department, said that Typhoon 19 would bring a large range of sustained rainfall, which might exceed the 1958 typhoon Sakawa. It is reported that 61 years ago, typhoon Sakawa caused flooding of rivers in the Kanto region of Japan, causing more than 1200 deaths or disappearances.

Haoyuan also said that the meteorological office may issue the highest level of disaster warning - special warning. When the East Japan earthquake occurred in 2011, the Meteorological Agency issued a warning of this level.

The Japan Meteorological Agency also reported that the typhoon had arrived at the Ogasawa Islands and would continue northward and would soon reach the Kii Peninsula. After that, the typhoon will turn eastward and land in the southeastern part of Guandong on the night of 12. The Meteorological Department calls on the public to pay close attention to all warnings of strong winds, rainstorms and waves, and to avoid going out as far as possible. If residences issue warnings of asylum, they must take refuge as soon as possible to ensure personal safety.

JR East Japan closed all day a large number of flights were cancelled

Passengers were waiting for the Yamanote Line to reopen after Typhoon No. 15 (Asahi Shimbun)

According to Kyodo News Agency on November 11, JR East Japan announced that all existing railway cars in the Capital Circle would be shut down on December 12. JR East China Sea announced that all Shinkansen routes between Tokyo and Nagoya will be closed all day on December 12. Several private tram companies in the capital circle plan to shut down all day on December 12th, and other companies such as Jingwang Electric Railway plan to start shutting down at noon.

According to Daily News, Japan All Nippon Airlines announced that it would cancel 490 domestic flights and 112 international flights departing and arriving from Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo on the 12th day. Japan Airlines also announced that it would cancel 513 domestic flights and 75 international flights, with more than 100,000 passengers expected to be affected.

Ito Yanghuatang 124 stores closed for the first time in the history of Typhoon

Temporary closure notice posted at the entrance of Ito Yanghuatang store (Daily News)

Japanese department store chain ITO Yokado announced that 124 stores in Kanto will be temporarily closed on the 12th, TBS television reported Thursday. This is the companys first temporary shutdown plan.

The report also said that the Japanese people had begun to buy large quantities of drinking water and instant noodles as a result of the typhoon which could lead to water cuts and power cuts. In addition, decoration adhesive tape, which can be used to prevent glass from being damaged by gale, has been sold out in several building materials markets in the capital circle.

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