Helping others for six years has been reported to praise the love of others can also be top-pocket?

 Helping others for six years has been reported to praise the love of others can also be top-pocket?

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A love of being overwrapped! Helping poor families has been reported for six years, but othersreports have aroused widespread concern today.

According to the Red Star News, on October 9, the media in Rongchang District of Chongqing published an article entitled Six Years of Love Relay to Create a Miracle of Life, which reported that Liao Danqiu, the leader of a local volunteer team, had thoroughly changed the story of the poor Chen Bihui family through the help of love. But Ms. Ni, the mother of Chen Bihui, who was rescued, was a bit confused after she saw it. For six years, it was Liu Li, a lover, who helped each other silently, rather than Liao Danqiu. In the past six years, she has only seen Liao Danqiu once.

Originally a positive energy of love propaganda, but because people and things did not go up, the recipients stood up to correct errors, and ultimately ended up in embarrassment. This has inspired many philanthropists.

As a well-known local public welfare figure, Liao Danqiu, who has won the honorary titles of the most beautiful volunteer in Chongqing, the best person in Chongqing, the most beautiful volunteer in poverty alleviation, the top ten influential public welfare figures in Chongqing in 2018, has taken the lead in doing a lot of good deeds.

However, in this regard, people who have been helping poor families for six years have been publicized as their own, which is really inappropriate for the realistic version of Zhang Guan Li Dai. Although Liao Danqiu said it was a misunderstanding, he emphasized that first, there was no success, the original report was relay of love; second, without our propaganda, there would be no subsequent relief. But it is not appropriate: love can be regardless of size, but there are many differences in the energy and cost to poor families.

According to Ms. Ni, Liu Li is the one who helps her son to raise money for congenital heart disease surgery; Liu Li is the one who helps her son contact free vocational school and arrange employment; Liu Li is the one who helps her daughter raise money and contact the hospital to treat scoliosis... Liu Li helped the party for six years, and Liao met once and devoted his energies to helping. The two can not be compared.

But when propagandizing, they only name Liao and his public welfare organizations, but do not mention anything to the most helpful devotees, which is not intentional fake collar, but also easy to give people the feeling of winning success. Liu Lifas circle of friends with indignant feelings - I am indifferent to fame and wealth, does not mean that my heart and soul can be seized by anyone - is a roundabout protest.

It should be said that propaganda after good deeds is beyond reproach. But at this time, it is unavoidable to give people a sense of tired to death, but not to write PPT.

In reality, to be charitable and devoted, we need unknown heroes who pay silently like Liu Li, and people like Liao Danqiu who frequently appear in the media and have a halo on their heads. But low key or high-key, we should do something and say something when we publicize deeds. Truth is the foundation and premise of good, and love cannot tolerate a little mixing water. Only by seeking truth from facts can we avoid the embarrassment of inadvertently robbing merit.

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