Li Jiacheng continues to bid farewell to the mainland assets: over 4 billion yuan for Dalian Real Estate Project

 Li Jiacheng continues to bid farewell to the mainland assets: over 4 billion yuan for Dalian Real Estate Project

On October 11, Pengmei News learned that Changshi Group sold the Heizui project in Xigangshan, Dalian City, to Rongchuang with a price of more than 4 billion yuan. At present, the project plot has been surrounded by billboards of Rongchuang No. 1 Hospital project.

The project site has been surrounded by billboards for Rongchuang No. 1 Hospital project.

Changshi confirmed the news of the sale of the project to Peng Mei News. The project was sold by agreement about half a year ago and signed more than four months ago, it said.

It is worth mentioning that Peng Mei News found from the project book that according to the original implementation plan of the project, there are three phases of construction, the construction cycle lasts four years, and the latest deadline is 30 June this year.

As to why the development process of the project has not been completed for eight years, Changshi said that the long period of development of the project is due to the delayed delivery of the government, and some of the buildings of the project are close to the top.

For this transaction, Chang said that in the past 10 years, the average annual sales revenue of its property in the Mainland was about HK$28 billion, and the sales of Dalian Xigangshan Heizui project was only equal to the average income of less than two months.

Rongchuang said it would not respond.

On December 2, 2011, Hutchison Whampoa announced that the company had won Heizuizi Wharf and its surrounding plots in Xigang District of Dalian at a total cost of 1.9 billion yuan, which would be acquired for the development of residential and commercial properties. The company has reached an agreement with Dalian Land Bureau and will sign a contract for the transfer of land use rights. The project information reveals that the total area of the land is about 142,900 square meters. The initial investment and registered capital of Dalian Dalian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Changshi and Huang have 50% equity indirectly) are currently set at 1.919 billion yuan, and the investment is expected to increase to RMB equivalent to 700 million US dollars and 500 million US dollars respectively.

Since 2011, the development cycle of the project has not been completed for eight years since Li Jiacheng took the land.

The data show that the total land area of the project is about 142,900 square meters, and the total building area is 725,800 square meters. The project consists of four sites: A, B, C and D. The planning includes residential buildings, apartments, supporting public buildings (kindergartens, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, clubs, etc.) and underground garages. According to the plan, there are 24 buildings on the ground, 8 of which are independent residences of 37-40 floors, 10 office buildings (9 of them are 2-storey office buildings and 1 of them is 26-storey office buildings), 1 33 former apartments, 1 2-storey hotel, 1 2-storey club (each floor above and below), 1 3-storey kindergarten, 1 4-storey shopping mall/office mixed building and 1 garbage collection station, and 2 underground garages.

The project is invested and constructed by Dalian Dalian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, invested and established by Hong Kong Baoli Development Co., Ltd. Its business scope is to engage in real estate development, operation, leasing and property management in Heizuizi Wharf and surrounding plots in Xigang District of Dalian City. The initial accounting of the project investment is 3.445 billion yuan. After further accounting by the construction unit, the investment is 4.3 billion yuan.

Initially, the land for the project was originally used for wharf and aquatic products market, and later the nature of the land was changed to residential land. The land used for the project was originally Heizuizi Port Area of Dalian Port Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the transportation of bulk and miscellaneous goods such as timber and steel and the management of aquatic products. In 2011, the Dalian Municipal Government transferred the land to Dalian Real Estate for the construction of the project.

Changshi said that the mainland has always been the focus of the groups market, and the group has been looking for development opportunities in the mainland, including real estate, energy, ports, retail and other industries, but whether it can be implemented depends on the return on investment. Chang said that in real estate, Yangtze River Industries has more than 50 real estate projects in the mainland, distributed in more than 20 cities.

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