Ethiopian Prime Ministers Nobel Peace Prize-winning Premiers Office: Very proud

 Ethiopian Prime Ministers Nobel Peace Prize-winning Premiers Office: Very proud

At 5 p.m. Beijing time, on October 11, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed Ali in Oslo, Norway, in recognition of his decisive role in achieving peace and international cooperation, especially in resolving border conflicts with neighbouring Eritrea.

Twitter screenshot of the office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee Chairman Bellett Rice-Anderson said Abby could not be reached by telephone before the award was awarded. But after the announcement, the Ethiopian Prime Ministers Office issued a statement on Twitter saying, As a country, I am very proud!

The statement said that he was very proud of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded by Prime Minister Abby in 2019, which is an acknowledgement of the concept of unity, cooperation and coexistence that the Prime Minister has been advocating. The statement also cited Abbis efforts in domestic and regional peace since taking office, including the release of political prisoners, pardon of political groups, promoting reconciliation between hostile organizations, ending 20 years of war with neighbouring Eritrea and promoting cooperation between the two countries. This victory and recognition is the victory of all the Ethiopian people and also an appeal to promote Ethiopia as a prosperous country for all, the statement said.

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