What do you want to say to Swedish girls who have not won the Peace Prize? Nobel Prize Official: No comment.

 What do you want to say to Swedish girls who have not won the Peace Prize? Nobel Prize Official: No comment.

The Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 has just been announced. Not only has the winner, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, focused the worlds attention, but the Swedish environmental girl Greta Thunberg, who has been regarded as the best candidate for this years Peace Prize, has also become the focus of media attention. On the same day, after learning that the winner was not Sandberg, a reporter asked her questions.

After the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, a journalist asked Beret Rice-Anderson, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, whether the Committee would pay renewed attention to environmental issues in the coming years, the Guardian reported on Wednesday. What would you say to Sandbergs supporters?

Anderson answered, On the day we announced the award, we never commented on who didnt win and who could have won... I have nothing to say about it.

Anderson Tuyuan: Nobel Prize website

At about 17:00 Beijing time on October 11, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 would be awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed Ali in recognition of his efforts for peace and international cooperation.

Abby won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019: The official website of the Nobel Prize

Just before the prize was awarded, game websites such as Ladbrokes regarded Swedish 16-year-old green girl Samberg as the leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019.

Sonberg Tuyuan: Time Weekly

Sandbergs fame began in 2018.

On August 25, 2018, instead of going to school as usual, Sandberg walked to the entrance of the Parliament Building in Stockholm, capital, to protest against the climate issue. Since then, Sandbergs weekly actions have attracted the attention of Swedish media. Two months after her street strike, the protests grew louder and louder, Sandberg became more and more familiar, and the controversy over the strike protests grew.

Source of Sandbergs Strike: The Guardian

On August 14, 2019, Sandberg embarked on a sailing trip under the banner of zero carbon emissions. After a half-month green voyage, she arrived in New York, USA, by boat on the 28th to attend the United Nations Climate Action Summit held on the 23rd. However, some media exposure said that Sandbergs trip was not as environmentally friendly as she advocated, such as the appearance of plastic water bottles on her boat.

Sandberg arrived in New York by boat and waved to the people who welcomed her.

On September 23, 2019, at the Climate Action Summit in New York, Sandberg made an emotional and passionate speech denouncing world leaders for neglecting science and acting too slowly in contributing to climate change. She glared at Trump as he passed by.

Some people believe that the Sandberg phenomenon is the product of the times: in view of the global climate problem, the complex decision-making mechanism of the international community has formed a huge contradiction with the imminent climate crisis, which needs a direct theme and a strong voice to break the deadlock. According to the New York Times, with Sandbergs age and experience, the world outlook has not yet taken shape, and she is not qualified to participate in important international forums; however, in the current situation, her simplicity and directness have become an advantage, because people are tired of comprehensive consideration and balanced in many ways, and what they want is a determination to do a good job.

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