Qinghai captured 329 members of disciplescults and destroyed their youth organization system.

 Qinghai captured 329 members of disciplescults and destroyed their youth organization system.

According to Xinjing News, recently, under the unified command of the Ministry of Public Security and on the basis of clarifying the organizational system and activity rules of the disciplesclub cult organizations in the province, the Qinghai Public Security Department organized public security organs throughout the province to focus on cracking cases and collecting nets. 329 key members of the disciples club cult organizations at all levels were captured, and 865,000 yuan of funds for cult activities were collected. The collection of a large number of tools and benevolent materials involved in the case destroyed the organizational system of the cult in Qinghai.

The ApostlesAssociation was banned and banned by the government in 1995. In order to hide peoples eyes, we now call ourselves Three Redemption Christ or Two Food Religion and so on. In the name of Christianity and in the name of learning the Bible, we develop believers by means of chatting up, seduction, intimidation, violence and illegal detention. We usually preach in the name of Christianity. At first, they did not withdraw money when they attracted members, but later they collected property in the name of benevolence.

In order to escape the attack, members of the cult of the disciplesclub frequently change their gathering places. Before drawing members into the church, they should observe and analyze the spectators secretly in advance, and select the retired, infirm and disabled people to start their work, so that the people who have low discrimination and do not know the truth are unconsciously confused.

Pictures from Qinghai Public Security Officer Wei

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