CCTV Comments on Wuxi Accident: Facing the Public Opinion, Let the People Know the Heaven Cant Collapse

 CCTV Comments on Wuxi Accident: Facing the Public Opinion, Let the People Know the Heaven Cant Collapse

u2014u2014 Serial Observations on Rollover Events of Wuxi Viaduct II

The rollover of Wuxi viaduct took the lives of three innocent people. It has been 24 hours since 6 p.m. on the 10th evening. How is the progress on site? Why does the deck roll? Where are the roots of overloaded vehicles on roads? The public is waiting for answers to a series of questions.

All parties expect that the official announcement is a pity on the whole. At present, we only know such limited information as three people died, two people were injured and preliminary analysis, rollover caused by overload of transport vehicles. Admittedly, only after full investigation can accurate announcements be made to ensure the authority of official information, but the accident is so serious that information should be released more quickly. Even if comprehensive investigation information can not be obtained for a while, the progress of rescue should be kept up in time, so as to maximize the disclosure of facts, try to clarify the truth and alleviate social emotions.

After the accident, the local official microblog sent two unrelated messages in succession. Some people asked, Is it outsourcing? At the same time, some reporters rushed to the scene to interview and shoot blocked, calling the head of the propaganda department, no one answered the phone, and the hotline connecting the government on duty also received a do not know the details response.

Nowadays, the fermentation of hot public opinion is read in seconds. Whatever the reason, more voices should appear in a day. The painful lessons tell us that it is not feasible to take hiding hot spots as a routine to deal with public opinion when facing the psychology of public opinion trying to cover up. We should face the media and the public with a more confident and open attitude. Blocking information in this era will only produce secondary disasters of public opinion.

The absence of authoritative information can easily breed rumors. No, about 8 p.m. on the 10th, just two hours before the incident, a rumor claimed that rescue officials wear four million watches on the scene. More people suspect that this is the tofu dregs project. Other netizens took a screenshot of the results of a similar rollover accident in Harbin in 2012, which was widely circulated in the circle of friends. However, the local public security organs stopped the rumors as quickly as possible, and smart netizens screened out the loopholes in the screenshots in time. The public hopes that the investigation of the accident itself and the release of authoritative information can also be so efficient, otherwise it will always be rubbing off rumors and breaking legs and can not keep up with rubbing off rumors.

At present, the rollover accident is initially identified as the result of vehicle overload, which is obviously not convincing enough. The construction and maintenance of bridges, the control and investigation of roads, and the deep-seated causes of repeated overloading are all worth questioning and reflection. However, we regret to see that many professional companies associated with it, the first reaction after the accident is to clear up their responsibilities, claiming that Wuxi viaduct design has nothing to do with themselves. In the face of possible accountability and commercial interests, self-protection is justifiable, but at this time we need to hear more constructive voices.

In the era of social media, information disclosure can not be slow, procrastinated and avoided. Delay and cover up, miss the opportunity, damage the credibility, lose the hearts and minds of the people. Let the masses know, the sky will not collapse.

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