PCM Elimination Dust Landing Tianba Leads to the Final

 PCM Elimination Dust Landing Tianba Leads to the Final

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Leading the scoreboard, Tianba joined hands in QM first echelon strong promotion

In the first day of the PCM elimination phase, Tianba team showed strong team hard power, won the second place in the first game, and by virtue of 12 elimination points, the first SSS team topped the scoreboard. Following that, Tianba team won two consecutive victories in the third and fourth matches, leading the first day of PCM elimination competition by a big score, and laying a solid foundation for their successful promotion with the first place in the future.

In the next two matches, QM and RNG and other teams of the first tier of the scoreboard began to play one after another, fiercely competing for the position of the top of the scoreboard. Although they were eventually defeated by the Tianba team, the higher competition points also locked in advance of the promotion quota and steadily out of the line. The biggest difference between the top six teams in the scoreboard is only 6 points, which shows how fierce the competition between the first tier teams in the PCM knockout stage is.

SSS and Weibo were promoted and OMG was eliminated.

Similar to the fierce competition among the first tier teams in the scoreboard, the confrontation between the teams struggling on the edge of the promotion line is equally fierce. It was not until the dust settled in the last match that the final promotion was completely clear. With 100 points, the Weibo team made it to the eighth place in the PCM finals, only two points more than the ninth JTG. SSS team relied on the victory of Sano Map in the last match day to help themselves with 105 points to maintain the final promotion opportunities.

The OMG team which played well in the first two matches met Waterloo in the third match day. Although lionkk and other players played a strong personal ability, the time was too bad to resist the momentum of the follow-up team. In the last game, OMG team was reduced in the process of blind tie turning point, and the remaining players were subsequently eliminated, with the authorities scoring zero points. It also completely undermined their last chance to leave the line, with 95 points in the top 10 and promotion qualifications lost hand in hand!

PCM finals 11, 17:00 on time, 4AM, Ifty and other strong teams all appeared.

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