Exploring the Endless EVE Online Collaborative Scientists Win the Nobel Prize in 2019

 Exploring the Endless EVE Online Collaborative Scientists Win the Nobel Prize in 2019

EVEOnline is a PC-side space sandbox game developed by Icelandic CCP Game Company. At present, the national uniform dawn server, which is officially represented by Netease Game, is in the stage of deletion testing. EVE is famous for its high quality and high degree of freedom. The game is based on the vast universe. Players can navigate all kinds of ships to explore in space. At the same time, players can choose to engage in mining, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, financial trade and other rich activities. They can also fly spaceships to fight or form legions to write their own cosmic stories.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to creating a beautiful interstellar blueprint with exquisite game pictures, EVE games are more committed to bringing players a more realistic experience of game life, such as the games economic system designed by Icelandic economists, with a very realistic financial system and economic operation mode. The use of EVE games for scientific research is another surprise for players brought by Icelands CCP company.

Enter the game and approach Science

As a world-renowned space sandbox online game, many players of EVE are astronomy enthusiasts. Therefore, as early as 2017, Icelandic CCP, together with Professor Michel Mayor of the University of Geneva, launched a special scientific research project, the exoplanet discovery project. Through the Project Discovery game in EVE, players can help scientists analyze samples from space telescopes to find possible extrasolar planets.

Project Discovery and Professor Michel Mayor in EVE Games

The analysis and classification of samples by EVE players in the game will be used by scientists to identify possible new worlds. It can be said that the players who participate in EVE Project Discovery have contributed their strength to the development of this field.

Project Discovery of EVEOnline

Explore the future, never-ending

Of course, the contribution of EVE players to the field of science is far beyond the extrasolar planetary exploration program. EVE players have also participated in more fields of scientific research through the Project Discovery game play, and achieved remarkable results. Previously, more than 300,000 EVE gamers participated in the completion of the paper, which was published on the cover of Nature Biotechnology magazine, and also attracted the attention of the scientific community.

EVEOnline on the cover of Nature

The paper was co-sponsored by CCP Game Company, Royal Swedish Institute of Technology and Massively Multiplayer Online Science, with more than 300,000 gamers participating in the project. By combining player annotation with machine learning, EVE players successfully helped scientists improve the AI system, Loc-CAT, which predicts protein localization at subcellular level, improved the classification of subcellular protein patterns, and identified for the first time 10 members of the new cell structure family known as Rods & Rings.

Protein Location in EVE Game

Currently, the EVEOnline national uniform, which is represented by Netease Game, is being tested for deletion. In EVEs new Eden, players will continue to embark on an unforgettable space journey. EVE hopes to show players the infinite charm of the vast universe, lead you to explore more possibilities of the unknown world, and enjoy every minute and second in EVEs science fiction world. More wonderful content, please look forward to!

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