Federers Face-to-Face Pick: Ive never seen him wonder what to do.

 Federers Face-to-Face Pick: Ive never seen him wonder what to do.

So, between ITF and the Davis Cup led by soccer star Pick and ATP-led ATP World Cup, how should Deyo, the president of the playersunion, and Federer, the member of the players union, choose?

Centenary Davis VS First ATP World Cup

In order to solve the drawbacks of the 119-year-old Davis Cup, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) carried out a drastic reform of the competition system in August last year. This means that the 119-year-old rounds, home and away tournament system will no longer exist in 2019.

According to the new competition system, 24 teams will play home and away elimination matches in February, 12 winning teams will enter the final circle, and together with the last years four semi-finals and 2 supporting foreign card teams, 18 teams will compete for the final championship in November.

In addition, the cup wearing system will be similar to the World Cup, and the final stage will be held in a neutral position. Each match will consist of two singles and one doubles. The competition will be changed from three wins in five sets to two wins in three sets.

In an interview, ITF Chairman David HaGetty said that he was confident in the new tournament system. Our idea is to create an important finals, the worlds greatest players representing their country to attack the Davis Cup championship.

Hagertys confidence stems from the advantages of shortening the stadium and centralizing the competition in the new competition system on the one hand, and from the support of Barcelona star Pique for the new Dai Cup, the Kosmos company founded by the latter, which will invest in ITF for 25 years with a total amount of $300 million.

The International Professional Tennis Federation (ATP) cant sit still after seeing ITFs radical reform of the Davis Cup. Last November, ATP announced in London that it would host a new team event in Australia from January 2020, the ATP Cup.

The competition is jointly organized by ATP and the Australian Tennis Association. Teams from 24 countries will be divided into six groups and the championship will be decided in ten days. In addition, each country ranks according to the highest ranking ATP singles players in each country.

Croatia won the 2018 Davis Cup.

Deutsche Jordan: There is little possibility of two major events coexisting

In fact, wearing cups has been controversial since the beginning of the reform. The French team, who had won the cup 10 times, expressed their collective discontent, while Jiang Wei, the head coach of the Chinese mens tennis network, confessed to Peng Meis journalists that the arrangement of wearing the cup after the Australian Open was too intensive.

This view coincides with Djokovics. At the post match press conference of the Shanghai Masters on the 10th, he thought that the time of Davis Cup was very challenging. At the beginning of the match, after the Australian Open, the final was after the year-end finals.

For many top players, theyve played all season, then theyre going to London for the year-end finals, and then basically the next day you have to fly, and when you arrive at your destination, you have to start playing in completely different venues and environments.

Compared with the new Davis Cup, the ATP World Cup is only 10 days away and offers more tempting conditions. The former delegation will not get the corresponding points, and the latter players can not only get up to 750 points, but also warm up for the Australian Open.

According to the list released in September this year, the top ten players in the world will participate in the new team event at the beginning of next year, and the Big Four (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray) have confirmed that they will all appear.

The ATP Cup is a brand new event. It was held at a very good time. By that time most of the players had already arrived in Australia, so most of the top players would go to the ATP Cup. DJO admits the ATP world cup is more attractive for players.

In addition, the two similar forms of events held too close, many people think that the two should be combined. On this issue, Deyo believes that it is necessary to combine the two events, but it may not be the best time yet.

u201d It is unlikely that the two events will coexist at six-week intervals, and the two events are very similar in form, or even almost the same. Personally, I dont think this situation is sustainable in the long run, so I think it may need to change.

Pique has worked hard for Davis Cup reform.

Federer: Ive never seen Pick before.

In fact, wearing cups has been controversial since the beginning of the reform. In addition to the tight slotting system, the three-set two-win system (originally the five-set three-win system) has also been criticized.

After helping France win the championship last year, French singles star Jean-Claude Puyer said it would be his last time to wear a cup. Former Australian star Hewitt bombarded Pique: We are being dominated by a football player from Spain who knows nothing about tennis.

As the most influential player in the tennis world, Federer has never been interested in the new Davis Cup. He did not represent Switzerland this year. Moreover, the Swiss Emperor warned that the Davis Cup cant be turned into a Pique Cup.

As the initiator of the new Dai Cup, Pique has successfully lobbied Deyo and compatriot Nadal to compete, but still can not change Federers attitude. In a recent interview with Spanish media, he said that he had already communicated with Federer.

I think there is no good communication between Federer and his agent. I talked to Federer and they told me that he would like to play after an official invitation.

Interestingly, at the Shanghai Mastersevent, Federer relentlessly said, Ive never seen him, so I dont know what we need to do together.

The Swiss recalled his previous experience in the Davis Cup. He lamented that he had invested a lot of experience in this event and led the Swiss team to win the championship in 2014. We will never forget the good days of the Davis Cup.

I havent officially withdrawn from the Davis Cup, but as I get older, I still have a family and I cant go anywhere. ?

Federer posed with Xiaowei in the Laval Cup.

Dark rivalry between the two major tennis organizations

Whether to participate in the Davis Cup or the ATP World Cup reflects the subtle struggle between ITF and ATP tennis organizations.

As one of the two major organizations in tennis, ITF hosts all low-level competitions, youth competitions, Davis Cup, Confederation Cup and Olympic tennis competitions. The trump card in ITF is the four major slams.

Another major tennis organization, ATP, is responsible for organizing and managing professional playerspoints, ranking, bonus allocation, and formulating competition rules and granting or canceling competitors qualifications.

Although the two organizations are in charge of their respective functions, it is inevitable that when there is a conflict of interest, some wrestling will be carried out in secret. For example, ITF stipulates that players must compete in two Davis Cup competitions if they want to qualify for the Olympics, but there will be no ATP points in the Olympics.

For tennis players, they have a season of grand slam, master tournament, tournament and other closely-knit events to participate in, and from 2016 cup-wearing competitions no longer count in ATP points, let alone a poor bonus.

As a result, top players such as Federer, Nadal and Junior De have often been absent from their national teams before, even in order to warm up. In the long run, the Davis Cup became starry and meaningless.

Whats more, ATP now has its own tennis World Cup, and the competition conditions and system are more reasonable. In addition, there is the Laval Cup, which is sponsored by Federer and has a performance nature. It has also become a highly concerned team event.

Does playing the Davis Cup mean missing out on the ATP1000 Masters Series, or is it worth it? Not everyone has such doubts, but at least for me. For Federer, who has streamlined his schedule, he has made his own choice.

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