Women refuse to remarry after a man buys an improved house and his wife false divorce

 Women refuse to remarry after a man buys an improved house and his wife false divorce

In 2001, Xiao Qing, who worked from Hebei to Hangzhou, met Xiao Ming, a local man. After their love and marriage, they lived in a house bought by Xiao Ming alone before their marriage. With the birth of their daughter, the couple wanted to improve their living conditions. They chose a second-hand house in a residential district of Liangzhu, Hangzhou, with a total price of 2.8 million yuan.

At that time, when Hangzhou implemented the policy of housing purchase restriction and bought two apartments, the down payment needed to pay 60% of the total price of the house. The down payment of more than 1.6 million yuan made them very difficult. They had limited savings but wanted to buy a house. Xiao Ming came up with a fake divorce method, which was to buy a house in the name of Xiao Qing after divorce, so that they could enjoy a 30% down payment policy for their first apartment and remarry after the house was bought.

The couple quickly went to the local civil affairs department for divorce, and agreed that 70 square meters of property before the mans marriage would still be owned by the man. But after divorce, for other reasons, it still needs to pay 60% down payment to buy the improved house. Xiaoming borrowed a part from his parents and friends, together with bank loans, collected more than 1.5 million yuan to transfer to Xiaoqing, and finally bought the house in the name of Xiaoqing.

After the house was bought, Xiao Ming proposed to remarry, but Xiao Qing refused to remarry on the grounds of incompatibility between the two sides. Since then, the two people have been unsuccessful in negotiating how to divide the new house. Xiaoming sued the court to confirm that the house belongs to both sides, and requested Xiaoqing to compensate for the discount of 2 million yuan.

The court found that, based on the evidence of the two sidesmicro-Chat records and other evidence, Xiaoqing and Xiaoming have the desire to jointly invest in the purchase of houses in the name of divorce and enjoy the preferential policy of house purchase. After divorce registration, Xiao Ming transferred more than 1.5 million yuan to Xiao Qing one after another. Xiao Qing also accepted the above payment after divorce. Therefore, the house is indeed shared by both sides. The Court confirmed the hopelessness of the two partiesremarriage and explained to Xiao Qing and Xiao Ming the division of the share of the house. Finally, they reached an agreement.

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