Chinas Super White Shark helicopter appeared in the British, American and Russian media are shocked.

 Chinas Super White Shark helicopter appeared in the British, American and Russian media are shocked.

Super Great White Shark Helicopter (Tuyuan: Russia Today)

Overseas Network, October 11, 10, the 5th China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo opened. An exhibition helicopter named Super Great White Shark attracted the attention of foreign media because of its unique face value. Today Russia said that a helicopter similar to the shape of a flying saucer just slides on the ground to attract countless eyes. Some foreign netizens joked that they were not only like UFOs, but also like sweeping robots.

Super Great White Shark was reported by American, British and Russian media as soon as it appeared. Foreign media generally cite the official introduction of China: this super white shark armed helicopter is a composite wing-body fusion high-speed helicopter configuration designed for the future digital information battlefield. Its design initial reference is AH-64 Apache, CH-53 (sea breed horse) and Russian Ka-52, Mi-26 and other international excellent mature helicopter design technology.

US Military News Network Alert 5 Twitter

It is reported that super white shark not only absorbs their respective advantages, but also adopts a new configuration of high-speed helicopter with internationally popular wing-body fusion (BWB) design and forward blade conceptual design, and successfully realizes the substantial application of wing-body fusion technology in helicopter design field.

The Drive and Russia Today are analyzed by a helicopter profile published online. Pictures show two pilots sitting in the central cockpit, wrapped in a saucer fuselage. It is not clear how the plane works.

Russia Today cites an open profile on the Internet

According to the Daily Star, a newspaper published on November 11, the super white shark has attracted wide attention because of its unique shape design. It looks like it is inspired by alien science fiction movies. An unnamed former MI6 official said that if it could fly into the sky successfully, it would be the first fused wing-body aircraft ever to work properly.

Russia Today also said that if Super Great White Shark could operate in the sky, it would mean that Chinese helicopter designers have solved a centurys problem of building a fused wing-body aircraft that can work properly, which has been one of the problems that have plagued the Western helicopter industry since World War II. One of the most famous is the Avro Flying Vehicle (VZ-9), which was a secret weapon during the Cold War, but never really flew into the air.

The Drive, a U.S. military website, pointed out that the aircraft had faced technical obstacles in its early stages and was difficult to use in actual combat environments. However, the appearance of super white shark also reflects that China is moving towards a broader trend in the field of designing advanced and novel aircraft.

The article further states that the super white shark may evolve into an advanced high-speed, ground-to-ground flying wing vehicle, capable of launching fast maneuvering missions at altitudes close to the ground, which is very valuable for reconnaissance or temporary raids.

China has invested a lot of time in developing advanced aircraft and other weapons and equipment. The explosive growth of Chinas aviation stealth drones is particularly striking. The Drive said, On October 1st, at the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the new high-altitude high-speed unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, Underwater Unmanned submarine vehicle and other equipment were displayed, indicating that China has made significant progress in the field of aviation.

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