Li Keqiang: Providing Institutional Guarantee for Investment and Business Development of Various Market Main Body by Legislation

 Li Keqiang: Providing Institutional Guarantee for Investment and Business Development of Various Market Main Body by Legislation

In particular, the Prime Minister stressed that government legislation should be adopted to provide institutional guarantees for all types of market participants to invest and start their businesses, and to effectively build the cornerstone of the rule of law. Because the rule of law is the best business environment.

The reform of releasing control clothes will weaken and restrict the power of departments.

At the same time, the Prime Minister pointed out that the reform of releasing control clothing is to stimulate vested interests, especially the transformation of government functions, which will weaken and restrict the power of departments, and put forward higher requirements for the people in power.

But thats the way we have to go. It is in line with the general direction of reform and opening up. Reform and opening up are the key to determine the destiny of contemporary China. Li Keqiang calls on all departments in all regions to promote the construction of market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment from a global perspective.

There should be rigid requirements in relaxing market access, especially in dealing with time limits.

Li Keqiang pointed out that Chinas business environment has improved significantly in recent years, but there is still a gap compared with the international advanced level. In order to standardize the international advanced level, we should establish the basic system and norms of business environment that treat all kinds of market subjects equally, such as domestic and foreign-funded enterprises.

He asked that, starting from the practical feelings of the market subjects rather than the interests of the administrative departments themselves, the time limit for handling the business related to the start-up enterprises should be carefully sorted out and made public in time. If the time limit is exceeded, the handling units should publicly explain the reasons.

Guarantee the equal use of production factors and equal enjoyment of state support policies by all kinds of market participants

Li Keqiang emphasized that releasing should be efficient and managing should be fair. In addition to the special industries and key areas directly related to public safety and peoples life and health, double random and open supervision should be implemented.

At present, the micro-power in the hands of some grass-roots clerks is so strong that the market subjects are at a loss. The Premier said, We must strictly restrict the discretion of supervision and never allow arbitrary enforcement of the law.

Li Keqiang clearly demanded that transparency in government affairs should become a principle. As long as it does not involve major matters such as national security, it is customary to make public, with the exception of non-disclosure.

On the same day, the meeting decided to ensure that all kinds of market participants use production factors equally and enjoy state support policies equally. Establish and improve the system of punitive damages for intellectual property infringement and the mechanism of rights protection assistance. Standardize and innovate supervision and law enforcement. Implementation of Internet + regulation. Implement inclusive and prudent supervision over emerging industries. Highlighting the openness and transparency of government affairs. We will promote the acceptance of government affairs services without distinction and handle them with the same standards. Public utilities such as hydropower, electricity and heat should publicize information on service standards and tariff standards. The formulation of laws, regulations and administrative normative documents closely related to the production and operation activities of market participants should listen to the opinions of market participants and chambers of Commerce of trade associations in accordance with regulations. If there is no legal basis, administrative normative documents shall not impair the legitimate rights and interests of market participants or increase their obligations.

The meeting also decided that strict accountability should be pursued. The government and its staff should be held accountable for their illegal acts and omissions, fees and charges by public enterprises and institutions, illegal appraisal and certification by trade associations, chambers of Commerce and intermediary service organizations, and the compulsory acceptance of intermediary services by market participants.