The UN Secretary General: some countries are paying quickly

 The UN Secretary General: some countries are paying quickly

Guterres said that this month, the United Nations will face the most serious deficit problem in a decade. In fact, he said, the United Nations began to take measures such as spending cuts as early as January this year, or even the general debate of the General Assembly in September this year may not be held as scheduled. Guterres has written to the Member States concerned about the current situation and urged them to pay their budgetary contributions and assessments in full and on time.

Among the 63 outstanding Member States, the United States pays US$674 million, or RMB $4.9 billion, but has not paid up so far, making it a big arrear. The U.N. spokesmans office said that the U.S. still has outstanding dues over the years, with a total amount of $1.055 billion, or about 7.5 billion yuan.

In addition to the cost of peacekeeping operations, the United Nations budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 is close to $5.4 billion, which is about RMB 38.4 billion. The United States accounts for 22% of the cost, ranking first. However, the United States has been arguing with the United Nations over funding issues and has been in arrears for a long time. Since Trump came to power, he has asked for a reassessment of the United States share of United Nations contributions.

The U.S. government upholds the value of U.S. priority and is unwilling to assume international responsibilities that are not directly beneficial to itself. It has withdrawn from many international organizations, including UNESCO. Such irresponsible practices have been condemned by the international community.

Source: CCTV Responsible Editor: Chen Hequn_NB12679