Syria condemns civilian casualties by claiming the elimination of hundreds of terrorists

 Syria condemns civilian casualties by claiming the elimination of hundreds of terrorists

China news agency, Beijing, October 11, comprehensive news: Turkeys Ministry of Defense said on October 10 that 219 terrorists had been eliminated during the Spring of Peace operation in northern Syria. On the same day, the Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Turkeys military operations in northern Syria, which resulted in civilian casualties, saying that it would take all legal means to combat them.

According to Turkeys Anadolu news agency, the Turkish Ministry of Defence has released news that 219 terrorists associated with the Kurdish WorkersParty (PKK) and the Kurdish Peoples Protection Force (YPG) have been eliminated since the Spring of Peace operation began. Turkeys Ministry of Defence has previously announced that the Turkish Army has attacked 181 Kurdish armed targets in northern Syria and has eliminated 174 terrorists.

Recently, Turkey launched a large-scale shelling on the Syrian border area, causing casualties.

Syrias Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the same day, saying that only the Syrian government and army can assume the responsibility of protecting the Syrian people, Syria will take all legal means and means to fight Turkeys aggression on its territory.

According to Syrian news agency reports, the Turkish military continued to take water plants, power plants and oil facilities in northern Syria as targets for military operations on the 10th. Five civilians were killed and nine others were injured in the days air and artillery attacks. Earlier, it was reported that 8 civilians were killed and 20 civilians were injured in the 9 th air raid and shelling in Hasek Province.

October 10, Syrian state television reported on the 9th that the Turkish army launched military operations to the northern part of Hasek province in Syria on the same day, causing damage to local infrastructure, and a large number of people fled.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria on September 9, codenamed Spring of Peace. The Turkish military carried out an air strike on the city of Hasek Province in Syria on the same day, and then announced the start of ground operations.

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