U.S. media say South Korea will spend $3.3 billion to buy more F35 fighters

 U.S. media say South Korea will spend $3.3 billion to buy more F35 fighters

[Global Network Military Reporting] According to US Defense News on October 11, South Korea will begin acquisition plans for two types of Five Generation fighters, namely, 20 F-35 fighters and the purchase of a domestic stealth fighter named FXIII, according to the confirmation of the Korean Army Weapons Acquisition Agency.

According to a 2014 deal, South Korea ordered 40 F-35A fighters, valued at about $6.4 billion, and began deliveries early this year. The South Korean Defense Procurement Planning Authority (DAPA) said in a report to the South Korean Parliament on October 7 that the Korean government was ready to launch the second phase of the FXIII in 2021, and also intended to purchase additional F-35 fighters for $3.3 billion.

Reported that considering which type of F-35 fighter aircraft to purchase has been the focus of South Koreas debate, although several defense sources said that due to the short takeoff and vertical landing capabilities of F-35B, the Korean government will buy F-35B instead of F-35A, which was previously purchased, because the short vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of F-35B fighter aircraft can enable aircraft to take off and land from large direct deck amphibious landing ships in South Korea in the future. Deployment is scheduled to be completed by 2030. However, the Korean Defense Research Institute (KIDA), funded by the Korean government, has completed a study on the purchase of additional F-35 aircraft, which shows that the introduction of more F-35A is more feasible.

Reported that in July, the South Korean military approved the plan to build a direct deck amphibious landing ship, which is part of its long-term military construction plan. The new ships discharge capacity is 30,000 tons, twice as much as that of two similar ships previously owned by South Korea. There are two problems in getting F-35B. First, it is more expensive than conventional takeoff and landing aircraft. Secondly, the deployment of transport landing vessels is still far away.

So far, Korea has received eight fighters and will receive five F-35 fighters next year. According to this service, another 14 planes are planned to be delivered to South Korea next year.

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