Iranian oil tanker exploded in Saudi Arabian waters after being hit by two missiles

 Iranian oil tanker exploded in Saudi Arabian waters after being hit by two missiles

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] According to Reuters, Iranian State Television quoted the Iranian National Petroleum Corporation (NIOC) as saying that its oil tanker was hit by two missiles in the Red Sea area about 96 kilometers from Jeddah Port in Western Saudi Arabia on the morning of November 11, triggering an explosion.

(Reuters report screenshot)

It is reported that the explosion severely damaged two tanks on board, causing oil to flow into the Red Sea.

Map Source of Red Sea Area near Jeddah Port, Saudi Arabia: Daily Mail, UK

NIOC said in a statement that the ship, named Sabiti, was a Suez tanker.

According to a source told Irans ISNA news agency, Some experts believe that the incident is a terrorist attack.

According to Irans Nour news agency, the crew on the tanker was safe and sound.

Damaged tankers emit heavy smoke: IRIBNEWS

A spokesman for the U.S. Navys Fifth Fleet said authorities were aware of reports of incidents but declined to comment further. At present, Saudi Arabia has not responded to this.

Reuters believes the explosion is likely to exacerbate tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

On September 14, two Saudi oil facilities were attacked by several drones and missiles, triggering a fire. Yemens Hussein armed forces claimed responsibility. But the United States has repeatedly insisted on targeting Iran, which Tehran denies.

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