Without turkey, its OK: The Netherlands spend $1 billion to buy more F35 fighters

 Without turkey, its OK: The Netherlands spend $1 billion to buy more F35 fighters

The Dutch government announced on October 8 that it planned to buy nine more F-35 fighters developed by Lockheed Martin Corp. of the United States, bringing the number of future F-35 fighters in the Netherlands to 46, and the deal is expected to reach 1 billion euros, according to the US Defense News website on October 9. According to a statement on the website of the Ministry of Defense, the purchase will lay the foundation for the third F-35 squadron of the Dutch Air Force, and the estimated purchase cost will be 1 billion. The plan is said to have been first proposed by Dutch government officials at the end of 2018.

Reported that the expected increase in F-35 fighter aircraft will help the Dutch Air Force to achieve the goal of providing four fighter aircraft for NATO Air Force to carry out missions, while these F-35 fighter aircraft will also carry out territorial defense operations, taking into account training needs and maintenance downtime. If the third F-35 squadron of the Dutch Air Force is to be completed, 15 additional F-35 fighters will be required. The Netherlands wants F-35 fighters to replace its original F-16 fleet. And its neighbour, Belgium, chose the F-35 in the autumn of 2018 and announced plans to buy 34.

According to reports, Dick Zandi, a Dutch defense analyst, announced the purchase of nine more F-35 aircraft, which received broad support in the Dutch Parliament. Government leaders have included new aircraft expenditures in their annual report to NATO to show the countrys growth momentum of spending 2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on the military.

Zandi said Dutch government officials had told Congress that they hoped to formally notify the United States of the purchase of additional aircraft by the end of this year. And the Netherlands wants the latest configuration of the F-35. This means that even though Turkey has recently been kicked out of the F-35 procurement plan, it has not affected any change in the timetable for the international delivery of F-35 fighters.

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