Heavy news will land A shares there are two major advantages! Follow-up mainline exposure

 Heavy news will land A shares there are two major advantages! Follow-up mainline exposure

Overnight, European and American stock markets rose. On the news side, the market awaits the outcome of a new round of high-level economic and trade negotiations between China and the United States. The analysis shows that European and American stock markets have risen sharply, which facilitates the expansion of A-share rebound space. The three-quarter report will be gradually disclosed. It is suggested that attention be paid to the plate rotation opportunities driven by high-performance stocks and favorable policies.

From the capital aspect, the pre-festival financing funds have been reduced for five consecutive trading days, and the post-festival financing funds have been purchased for three consecutive days.

In terms of northern capital, this weeks net outflow was 337 million yuan, including 1474 million yuan from Shanghai Stock connect and 1137 million yuan from Shenzhen Stock connect.

According to previous information, on July 19, Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Index Co., Ltd. announced that the 50-component index of Shanghai Securities Exchange will be released on the 11th trading day after the number of stock and depository receipts listed on the Securities Exchange Board has reached 30. The introduction of the index can reflect the overall price performance of the listed companies in the science and technology innovation board market in time, further reflect the market structure and its development and change, and enrich the Shanghai index system.

The data show that there are 33 listed companies in the company. Tiannai Technologies, which listed on September 25, is the 30th listed company in the company.

Yesterday, Mingsheng Corporation (MSCI) announced that starting from the semi-annual index evaluation in November 2019, the Shanghai Stock Exchanges stock creation will be eligible for inclusion in the MSCI Global Investable Market Index Series (GIMI). This announcement has nothing to do with the inclusion of previously planned A shares in MSCIs Step 3 plan.

Bank of China International considers that TMT Co. has obvious advantages in terms of growth, profitability and R&D intensity, mainly due to its outstanding advantages in the development stage and industrial links, which is significantly better than A S&T plate (excluding S&T plate). At present, the science and technology innovation board market is gradually returning to rationality, which is reflected in the continuous decline of market daily turnover rate, first day growth of individual stocks and other indicators. With the gradual cooling of the early hype enthusiasm, the science and technology innovation board material will also enter the value investment range.

Market analysis suggests that the companys stock market strengthened or increased its preference for the A-share technology mainline.

Prospects for the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee decided to hold the fourth plenary meeting of the 19th CPC Central Committee in Beijing in October this year.

CITIC Securities believes that the economic field is the core of the comprehensive deepening of reform, and its focus is on the optimization of four major elements: enhancing the economic capacity of financial services entities, and deepening the reform and opening up of the capital market in an all-round way. Finance is the foundation and important pillar of national governance. Tax reduction and fee reduction, implicit debt control, division of financial powers and powers are the key points. The improvement of the efficiency of state-owned enterprises is of great significance to Chinas economic development. The four major reforms should go hand in hand. The construction of modern market system and the integration of urban and rural development all focus on land, and the introduction of collective operating construction land into the market may accelerate.

Institutional strategy

Founder Securities believes that the market depression caused by the market correction before the long holiday has been vented, especially the return of the king of technology stocks, so that the market confidence has been restored to a certain extent.

Haitong Securities believes that overall, the pressure of the three-quarter report is relatively high, but the growth rate of some industries is relatively good, such as the electronic components industry, especially the upstream PCB industry, most of the companies reported good growth rate in half a year. Investors can focus on the plate of speculation is not very strong, low price-earnings ratio varieties for low layout.

Source: Responsible Editor of Securities Times Network: Yang Bin_NF4368