Two years ago, I was worried about the safety of Wuxi viaduct.

 Two years ago, I was worried about the safety of Wuxi viaduct.

On October 11, Wuxi viaduct rollover accident site. IC diagram

At about 18:10 a.m. on October 10, a bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 of 312 National Highway and Xigang Road, resulting in three deaths and two injuries. After preliminary analysis, the overturning of the overpass bridge is caused by the overloading of the transport vehicle. Subsequently, a micro-message article published in April 2017 entitled How long will Wuxi Fast Inner Ring Viaduct last? spread quickly on the Internet, which questioned the trucks on the Wuxi Viaduct and was praised as Gods Prediction by netizens. On the afternoon of October 11, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily contacted Yuan Xuecheng, the author of the article, who said that the section he wrote in his article was not the section of the accident, but that he was very sad to see the accident.

In Yuan Xuechengs wechat article, it is proposed that trucks, non motor vehicles and pedestrians should be prohibited on the expressway, and non motor vehicles and pedestrians should be prohibited. The main consideration is traffic safety and the speed of the expressway, while the main consideration of banning trucks should be the bearing of the elevated road.

Yuan Xuecheng told Beiqing Daily that he was a citizen of Wuxi and a middle school Chinese teacher. The reason why he wrote that article two years ago was that urban viaduct is very popular now, we travel to work and use it every day. However, Yuan Xuecheng also said that he is not a professional, just because he often passes under the overpass and proposes to be an ordinary city. Peoples worries. The fast inner ring viaduct mentioned in the article is not the site of the accident.

If the service life of the high-speed inner ring elevated design is 50 years, then trucks and other trucks will use overload to shorten the service life. The most dangerous thing is that once the truck crushes the elevated road and causes the bridge to break and collapse, the driving car is unpredictable and preventable, and it must be the disaster of topping out. Yuan Xuecheng wrote in that years article.

Yuan Xuecheng said that he had called 110 and 12315 local hotlines after he found trucks on the viaduct.

Yuan Xuecheng told the Beijing Youth Daily, The overturning accident, the mood is very uncomfortable, after all, some people paid the price of their lives.

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