Golden Week has the lowest number of visitors to Taiwan mainland in 11 years.

 Golden Week has the lowest number of visitors to Taiwan mainland in 11 years.

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, Oct. 11, according to statistics from entry-exit units of the Taiwan authorities, an average of 3470 mainland tourists were received every day from Oct. 1 to 7. Compared with the previous 11 long holidays, which exceeded 10,000 people, only about 1/3 remained, setting the lowest record for mainland tourists in 11 years. Public opinion and practitioners on the island say that the DPP authoritieswords and deeds have led to the continuous deterioration of cross-strait relations, which will ultimately make tourism a funeral companion.

In the eight years before the DPP came to power, mainland tourists came to Taiwan in succession during the Eleventh Golden Week, reaching more than 15,000 people a day at most, and all kinds of shops, restaurants and night market vendors were all smiling. Since the DPP came to power, cross-strait relations have frozen sharply, and mainland tourists have been greatly reduced. This years 11 long holiday has made tourists sad and Hongkong everywhere.

According to the data, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan fell to the bottom in September this year, with an average of 1208 per day and a minimum of 528, and only about 40000 in the whole month, the lowest since December 2009.

In view of the Autumn and Winter Subsidies introduced by Taiwan authorities, the operators believe that it is not enough to fill the gap. According to statistics, the average stay of mainland tourists in Taiwan is 7.3 days, and the daily consumption per person is 211.68 US dollars, while that of local tourists is only 72.99 US dollars. In other words, 21 local tourists need to travel once to make up for the loss of one mainland tourist.

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