Mother and daughter killed in Wuxi viaduct accident: they will be home in 10 minutes

 Mother and daughter killed in Wuxi viaduct accident: they will be home in 10 minutes

Photo Source: Visual China

If they arrive 10 minutes later, the mother and daughter may return home and eat the meals cooked by their families, or arrive at the intersection of the accident one second later, they may pass by death.

In October 10, 20 hours after the accident of viaduct rollover in Wuxi, many witnesses at the scene used this assumption to express their regret for the victims of the accident.

Gao Min (a pseudonym), 31, and Amy (a pseudonym), 5, are two of the three victims officially reported. The traffic recorder of the neighbouring car showed that Gao Mins famous yellow car, which was driving at that time, happened to encounter the falling elevated bridge deck when it turned left at the intersection involved. The hundreds of tons of pavement pressed the car tightly to the ground, like folded paper.

Sudden disaster has befallen the family.

The Xiyu Road under the bridge at 312 Shanghai direction k135 is the only way for Gaomin and her daughter to pass every day. Far from the city centre, Gao Min needs to drive to a foreign language school in the city centre. She is a teacher in this school. The daughter needs to take her car and go to kindergarten.

In the impression of neighbors, Gao Min has always been the pronoun of excellent, a girl who is not tall, has always been very good, very quiet. Parents are employees of supply and marketing cooperatives. Gao Min was born and grew up in his parentsdormitory. Even after marriage, she would go to her home in a small community in Xishan District every day on weekdays to have meals made by her mothers family. On Fridays, they would return to the new house that their husband bought in the suburbs and reunite with each other.

Whether in terms of income or housing conditions, the family life of Gao Min family reveals ordinary everywhere. After dinner, Dad is holding Amy, Gao Min is holding a white dog, and the family comes out for a walk. This is the moment that ordinary people admire.

Unlike highly sensitive introverts, Amy in the eyes of neighbors is very cute. One day before the accident, my mother took little Amy to play in the open space at the entrance of the community. And my 5-year-old grandson chasing on the grass. This is Gao Min and Amys last impression on their neighbors.

I watched her grow up and see the little girl born again. The neighbor said, with a sad face.

Because it was not far from the intersection, the news that the viaduct fell and hit the vehicle quickly spread to Gaomins community. Aunt Yu, a resident, thought it was only an accident unrelated to herself, until at the scene, when she saw her mother crying white at the scene, she didnt know what had happened to her family.

Shortly after the arrival of Gaomins body, search and rescue workers found Amys body in the vehicle and were also sent to the hospital.

On the morning of October 11, Gao Min and Amys remains were examined by a forensic autopsy at Wuxi public security bureau. Two kilometers away, the once bustling home was empty.

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