Wuxi Elevated Rollover Incident 312 National Road Section is one of the most blocked roads in Wuxi

 Wuxi Elevated Rollover Incident 312 National Road Section is one of the most blocked roads in Wuxi

Wangs neighbour told reporters that Wangs family is from Sichuan and has been in Wuxi for several years. He is a single father and 16-year-old daughter. Now he is in the third year of junior high school. Neighbours come to comfort the girl on the night of the accident. The girl cries so loudly that she cant stand at her fathers license plate in the video and refuses to eat. The girls aunt and cousin also come and the police comfort her. Anyway, the police are comforting her. Its very sad.

It is worth noting that the site of the accident is not only one of the most congested roads in Wuxi at present, but also a large number of logistics and steel enterprises in surrounding areas, just a few hundred meters away, is the largest steel market in Wuxi, Oriental Steel City. The reconstruction of 312 National Highway was also scheduled to commence within the year. Many people stayed up all night. In Suzhou, Dahua (a pseudonym) waited all night until the last news he wanted to face. When the accident happened, her cousin drove under the viaduct and died on her way home with her niece.

The weight of life is much heavier than we think, much heavier than overloaded vehicles and much heavier than collapsed bridges. Dahua wrote.

Road Section of 312 Countries Incident

At present, Wuxi is one of the most congested roads.

On the map of mobile phone, the traffic of capillary network in Wuxi city is partly grey at the section of Xigang Road. To be more precise, it was at K135 National Highway 312. On the spot, nearly 20 meters long viaduct rolled over and hit the ground.

After the accident, the surrounding traffic immediately became seriously congested.

How important is National Highway 312 for Wuxi?

Just on the day of the incident, the website of Wuxi City Key Construction Project Management Center issued a draft environmental impact report for the reconstruction and extension projects of Xisha Road East-Tongjiang Road and Feifenglu-Jincheng Road in Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway.

When it comes to the congestion of national highway 312, it is mentioned that the national highway runs through the whole urban area of Wuxi City, and it should not only undertake long-distance traffic but also inter city and intra city short and medium-distance traffic. The traffic volume is large, the service level is generally low, some sections are seriously congested, and the traffic efficiency is low. In addition, the high proportion of trucks further aggravates the degree of congestion and slows down the traffic efficiency. The current traffic capacity and traffic conditions can no longer meet the traffic demand and need to be improved.

Therefore, Wuxi Transportation Bureau intends to invest 1.574 billion yuan in the reconstruction of 312 National Highway (Xisha Line-Tongjiang Avenue). In addition, it is planned to invest 7.552 billion yuan to reconstruct 312 National Road (feifeng road Jincheng East Road).

In fact, this is not the first time that Wuxi has transformed 312 National Highway. As early as 2003, a total of 1.56 billion yuan was spent to expand the section of 312 National Highway in Wuxi. Some of the old lines and some sections were combined to optimize the route, and the mileage of the extension and transformation was 48.43 kilometers.

This section of the road is not a day or two. A resident who opened a shop near the accident told reporters, Everyone is used to seeing all kinds of trucks rumbling past.

Aiming at improving the traffic congestion of G312 National Road, the reporter inquired on the official website of Wuxi Municipal government that at the end of 2018, representatives of Wuxi Municipal Peoples Congress put forward relevant suggestions, and in the reply of Wuxi Municipal Planning Bureau, they also admitted the current congestion of G312 national road.

It is mentioned that especially in the North Ring Road section of G312 and S342 provincial roads, there are many logistics and steel enterprises in the surrounding area, and frequent congestion in peak hours has become one of the most congested roads in Wuxi.

Reporters noticed that the overpass on Xigang Road, where the bridge deck rolled over on the evening of 10 th, was located in the section of North Ring Road 312 mentioned in the reply.

As early as 2003, Wuxi spent 1.56 billion yuan to expand the section of 312 National Highway in Wuxi.

Overloading of transport vehicles is the main cause

Like a marble round table, people who are too fat will turn over when they sit on the edge.

On the one hand, the whole road runs at high loads all year round. On the other hand, because of the large number of logistics and steel enterprises around the accident, trucks have been frequent for a long time. The accident was also preliminarily analyzed as a result of overloading of transport vehicles.

How severe is the overload that can crush the bridge? Is it a tofu dregs project? As a result, there was a lot of doubt.

In response, a registered structural engineer at the national level who did not want to be named told the cover journalist that according to the current online videos and photos, a single pier girder bridge overturned at the scene. Combining with the bridge deck car and the falling steel coil, it is preliminarily judged that the cause of the accident is the bridge rollover caused by overloading and eccentric driving of the vehicle.

Overload is the main reason. According to his analysis, the bridge is a single pier girder bridge with piers set in the middle, overloaded vehicles driving in the lane near the most abutment of the bridge deck, and eccentric load produces overturning force, which exceeds the maximum design bearing capacity of the bridge and causes rollover.

According to the video of the rollover scene, there is a serious overload behavior in the truck. In the video, there are 28 tons of coil steel. In the picture, a single truck carries at least 4 volumes, i.e. 112 tons, plus 20 tons of truck weight, a total of 132 tons. In the picture, there are at least two cars, conservatively estimated to have at least 200 tons. Its like a marble round table where people who are too fat sit on the edge and turn over, he said. Its okay to sit in the middle or leaner and sit on the side.


Start the rapid transformation of G312 in the original year

This is not the first case of overturning single pier girder bridge. In the past decade, similar accidents have occurred in Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shangyu and other places. Single pier girder bridges are not uncommon in domestic cities.

Previously, media reports mentioned that single pier girder bridge is a bridge supported by a single point under the bridge slab, which is simple in shape, low in cost, occupies little knockdown space, and is equipped with a lightweight overall bridge slab. However, when passing an overloaded heavy vehicle, the overall lateral instability may occur under the accidental eccentric load.

In a collapse accident of the up ramp of the viaduct in Harbin in 2012, it was found that the direct cause was the overload of freight cars. At the time of the accident, the total checked load of four trucks running in the same direction on one side was 102 tons, the total actual load was 395 tons, and the total weight of trucks and goods was nearly 500 tons, which eventually led to the collapse of four trucks, resulting in three deaths and five injuries.

In the last extension of Wuxi Section of 312 National Highway, the whole line was designed according to the standard of the first-class highway, with a design speed of 100 km/h (80 km/h in urban section); new bridges and culverts were built with steam-over-20 and hang-120; existing bridges were rebuilt with steam-20 and hang-100. The whole line adopts two-way four lane and six lane forms.

In a paper for this renovation, it is mentioned that the main reason for adopting elevated section is to coordinate with land use conditions on both sides, effectively divert transit traffic and transit traffic along the line, and collect and distribute freight vehicles along the line through the auxiliary road on the ground, so as to reduce the impact on the mainstream traffic flow and make the section more coordinated with the nature of land used along the line.

On the other hand, in view of the current congestion of 312 National Highway, the Wuxi Planning Bureau also indicated that it had commissioned Jiangsu Zhongshi Co., Ltd. to carry out the study of traffic improvement planning for the urban section of G312 in Wuxi. The research scope of the planning is the urban section of G312 (Suzhou-Changzhou boundary), the total length of the section is 47.3 kilometers, and the key detailed planning scope is the North Ring Road section (Huishan Avenue-Guangshi Road ramp Bridge, the total section). With a length of 4.2km, covering the Huishan Avenue Xisha section proposed in this proposal, a preliminary master plan has been formed.

u2014u2014 The bridge across Xigang Road, where the bridge deck rolled over, is connected with the section from Huishan Avenue to Xisha Road.

At the same time, in another question, the Wuxi Planning Bureau responded that the rapid transformation of G312 has been planned in the near future.


The weight of life

Mother and daughter blocked on their way home

Of the three deaths and two injuries caused by the accident, one was mother and daughter, who were on their way home every day.

Dahua told reporters that his cousin had just arrived this year and had a gentle and gentle personality. Her love for children kept her in the teaching post for nearly ten years. My cousin nicknamed my niece Amy. She is a cute little girl in English. Amy just went to work and would remind her elders to wash their hands before snacking.

Fortunately, my uncle, who is always not very human, remembers to bring her some sweets every time and leaves some memories of permissive love. I just dont know that the cranberry mung bean cake last time didnt suit her. Next time, forget it. Whats the next time? In his mourning article, he wrote, life weighs more than we think. Its heavier than an overloaded vehicle. Its much heavier than the collapsed bridge.

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