Internet users rumored that the central bank cut interest rates and was detained for 10 days, claiming to show off their ability

 Internet users rumored that the central bank cut interest rates and was detained for 10 days, claiming to show off their ability

The police report issued by the public security organ on the afternoon of November 11 shows that the rumorer who fabricated the news of the central bank cut interest rate two months ago has been held in administrative detention for 10 days.

On August 7, an online source said that the Peoples Bank of China has decided to reduce the benchmark interest rates of RMB loans and deposits of financial institutions from August 10, 2019. At about 19 p.m. that evening, the Peoples Bank of China dispelled rumors on the official Wechat Public Number and reported them to the public security organs.

According to the investigation by the public security organs, the above rumors and information were fabricated by Wang Moutao, a netizen in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and disseminated through the Internet. On August 26, Wang Moutao was summoned by Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau according to law. After questioning, the person claimed that he was showing off his ability to change the information of the Central Banks reduction in 2015 without authorization. After that, he spread the rumor information in the name of the Peoples Bank of China and China Securities Daily in the Wechat Group. Then the rumor information was further spread and had a bad impact.

At present, Wang Moutao has been sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention by the Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau for publishing false information.

Reporters note that this is also a punishment imposed by the public security department on financial market rumors once again, following the administrative detention of downgraded rumors.

The police also reminded that the Internet is not a place outside the law. Please dont make rumors, believe them or spread them, and create a harmonious, civilized and clear cyberspace together.

This action proves once again that the network is not an extrajudicial place, rumors will be severely punished! Whether it is the capital market, bond market or money market, it is an organic part of the financial market. Information affects the nerves of financial markets. The authenticity, accuracy and integrity of information dissemination play a vital role in the healthy and orderly development of financial markets.

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