My sister asked for my bank card and ID card information to be broadcast live.

 My sister asked for my bank card and ID card information to be broadcast live.

Later, I was bored and didnt want to give it. She said that I didnt understand. She didnt even want to help with such trifles when she spent her money. Sometimes when she said something bad, she asked me to pay back the money.

To tell you the truth, I dont know how much she spent on me. She said that everything I eat and live costs her.

All I know is that she helped me pay a years College tuition, gave me two semestersliving expenses, and occasionally bought me clothes and food that year, so that year was better for me, which had nothing to do with before.

If you live, because summer vacation workers live for a few days, internship for a month.

Im not unwilling to help her. I just dont want to involve a bank card ID card.

Sometimes its hard to be scolded. I want to wait until I save it back to her and never come back. What should I do?

General answer:

My family kidnaps you with emotion to do what you dont want to do. My answer is just one. If you cross the border, you wont help. No problem.

Her previous account was blocked for unknown reasons, but most likely it involved sensitive and prohibited content. In this case, it must be a good thing to protect herself.

Its not that your sister will harm you, but a rational and disciplined person will know that its very serious to borrow personal information. At least, she will explain what she wants to do and what the stakes are.

Listen to your description, she is more like a state of no brain following the trend where she is likely to make money. In the case of her own unclear mind, she may not have carefully thought about the impact of borrowing your information on you.

As for your attitude, I support help within a limited range.

Make clear what you can help and what you are willing to help, but there is no need to be angry and say that you will return the money to her and never deal with her again.

Looking at the whole article, your sister is confused and unclear, but she is not bad to you emotionally.

You may not accept her request, but treat her in two ways. Dont let her feelings for you be obliterated by her personal feelings.