When I grow up, I find that I am worse than others in many aspects.

 When I grow up, I find that I am worse than others in many aspects.

Interpersonal communication is also frustrated, a large group of people talking and laughing together, I feel insert words, or insert into the feeling of no fun.

I am a very dull person myself. I dont have hobbies, I cant communicate, and Im afraid of a large group of people.

I think life is boring, and even think that the students who jumped from the building before are very brave. I dont know what to do? I want your help.

General answer:

I think you must feel lonely because you cant fit in with your classmates, but I want to tell you that when I first consulted at school, nine out of ten cases were confronted with the same problems as you.

Even when you first enter society, many people feel the same way as you do.

Youre not alone. Were all fighting, going to bigger circles and discovering our own insignificance. But it doesnt matter. Years are long, and we can all become stronger.

When I was in college, I had a good relationship with a student. He invited us to a restaurant for dinner on his birthday that year. Only then did I know it was a Tibetan meal.

In Beijing more than a decade ago, there were not many Tibetan restaurants and the prices were high. I didnt even know Tibetan food existed before, but his high school classmates went there many times.

Now I recall that they were probably the first generation of government officials I came into contact with from childhood. They really knew more and saw more than I did in different living environments.

At that time, I felt very restrained, which may be a manifestation of inferiority. I admit that in the past two decades, I was not as good as them because the starting line was too poor.

But university is a new starting point, you can stretch yourself freely, fill gaps, and pursue aspirations.

Instead of talking about heroes in the past, universities are a new chapter in the future.

I dont think you are really boring or have no hobbies, but the inferiority caused by stress after you arrive at the new environment makes you cringe.

Because I dont want to be seen through, I use boring and boring to protect myself from being timid.

If you dont know how to communicate, you should study. If you dont find your hobbies, you should explore. 18 years old is far from the fixed period of life.

Four years of college life is enough to make you plump and find fun and goals beyond learning.

Its not for the sake of being better than others. Its for the sake of making a trip to the world in vain. You deserve more experience.

Many people only have the goal of study hard before they reach adulthood, because its not your fault that they cant concentrate on other things.

You cant help being influenced by your parents before you grow up, but now your life is up to you.

Dont underestimate yourself. A person who can do such a difficult thing well in his study will not be inferior in other aspects.

You have the ability, just need a little courage, this courage is not to jump to say goodbye, but to say hello to the good life, Im here.

Finally, I want to sincerely say to you that this life is worth living.