After the engagement, the fiancee got cancer.

 After the engagement, the fiancee got cancer.

So far, we still keep in touch, and still meet and live together. Of course, the number of meetings is not much. I cant bear to make her sad alone. She may feel that I can wait for her to have children.

Now I am 30 years old, under pressure from all walks of life, I want to get married and have children quickly. When I meet my new girlfriend, I dont contact her as before. She is very sad. She feels that her life is hopeless and she is going to die alone.

Think about it, when shes good enough, we can have a child, but think about it again, if not, either no children, or in a few years she will relapse, or have children to relapse.

(Breast cancer has the highest survival rate in cancer. Its curable. It takes at least five years to stop taking drugs. Its better to keep taking them all the time. You cant have children if you take drugs.)

General answer:

I have watched your question for a long time, which is the most hesitant question I have ever received.

But lets start by saying frankly that within my imagination, the solution to this problem will definitely hurt somebody, and there will be no one who is happy to leave the whole body.

Think of the best of both worlds as you are now, procrastinating from making the final decision, but the longer you procrastinate, the greater the damage.

That is, you really love her, regardless of her illness, regardless of the future you may not have the next generation, regardless of all the unhappy together, but obviously you do not love this.

If it is not for love that she is with her, the so-called happiness of her, in order not to let you suffer, is essentially a kind of sympathy.

For a person who has been through the ghost door once, this kind of sympathetic relationship will only hurt her more, and can you insist on maintaining your relationship with sympathy?

Well all talk beautiful words. Of course, you can bite your teeth and stamp your feet to take care of her for the rest of her life. Of course, I can also say on the screen that youre responsible for a big man whos engaged.

But life is not the only moment that pretends to be brave. It will be consumed by pain and hurt by pressure. You need great willpower and abundant love to resist their attack.

In fact, from the moment you hesitate, you have the answer in your heart, you are not so strong, nor so love.

Its not disgraceful to admit that theres nothing immoral or unjust about it.

In fact, you have done a lot of people can not do good, perhaps because of good to become blurred boundaries, after breaking up to give her ambiguous hope.

There is no future of love and friendship between you. You cant take care of him as a husband all his life, but you can give her support and care as a friend.

Make it clear that your attitude is responsible to her, to yourself and to your present girlfriend.

Dont think that being with you is her happiness. Taking good care of her health and finding a person who really loves her and really wants to accompany her all her life is her real happiness.

May the girl be healthy, and may God care for every strong person.