Family members are not satisfied with their boyfriend, but let me continue to date, should not tell my boyfriend?

 Family members are not satisfied with their boyfriend, but let me continue to date, should not tell my boyfriend?

The family knows about this process roughly. My brother went out to have a meal together after we were together. The boyfriend himself belongs to the introverted person, and he did not perform well at that time.

In addition to all aspects of appearance, in short, my mother has not met anyone, has expressed opposition, and open to me blind date.

On the one hand, I have to deal with my mother, on the other hand, I dare not tell my boyfriend that he himself is a little inferior, and when I met him, he did not behave well. I had already told him that he should not go back to the old books.

Now I feel that love is troublesome, or a person at ease, but he still has feelings, and he loves me very much.

I want to say that breaking up feels unfair to him, and I still dont know how to deal with the chicken feathers in this area. If I continue, shouldnt I let my boyfriend know about it?

General answer:

Although your question has a premise of if you continue, I still want to say two more words besides the question.

The first thing you need to think about is whether you are determined to continue this relationship and whether you agree with your boyfriend. The answer is clear, and then talk about the next step.

If you want to continue this relationship, I suggest that you dont talk to your boyfriend about family attitudes for the time being.

Second, when you explain it to him, it will only increase his pressure, and it may also make him feel dissatisfied with your parents.

Third, in your preparation period, the most important thing is to concentrate on learning. Once you say it, it will only expand things. You need to calm your boyfriends mood, and then think about Countermeasures together. This action will consume a lot of your energy.

But it does not mean that there is no compromise solution, you can talk to your family, love affairs are put aside for the time being, after the end of the exam from a long-term perspective.

During this period, you can infiltrate the advantages of your boyfriend into your parents. Your brother is the same age as you. You can also do his work first to make him change his attitude towards his boyfriend.

With one more supporter, parentsattitudes may also be relaxed.

For boyfriends, criticism is not as encouraging as it is.

As you said, he has a little inferiority complex. The more he is suppressed, the less confidence he may have. In the future, you are the people who fight side by side. Only by supporting and encouraging can we go further.

Finally, if the exam is important to you, be tough and tell your family that your most important goal now is the exam.

Come on, I wish you success in the exam!