Li Guoqing wrestled his glass and accused his wife of how much love could be restored and how many complaints could be made public.

 Li Guoqing wrestled his glass and accused his wife of how much love could be restored and how many complaints could be made public.

When the host mentioned that the incident was like a thorn, Li Guoqing fell the cup without warning. The hosts response was this.

Somebody will say that the host and the guest sing together and the script is written. Anyway, the news I got from my colleagues was, really, really suddenly.

To say the least, even if its a play, its a rare news that a guest falls a cup in the program. Whats more, its an entrepreneur who has a reputation and is used to storms.

Emotion management has been tested for a long time, but the thriller is coming. It shouldnt be.

Ive never been a moral pacesetter. I dont know the love, hatred and hatred between other peoples husbands and wives, and I dont easily judge who is right or wrong.

However, in any case, the great suffering and hatred, as a public figure, must be appropriately expressed.

Whats wrong with throwing a cup? A wise man once warned us, What if we hit a child? Even if it doesnt hit the children, its not right to hit those flowers and grass.

Business has been torn down and marriage has not yet been divorced. The attitude of breaking a broken cup and falling down is not to be reconciled at first sight. After all, how can a broken me save a broken you?

Li Guoqings accusation against Yu Yu Yu is not the first time. Think about it carefully. Apart from the fact that Li Guoqing is often regarded as clearing up relations by Dangdang. com because of improper speeches, his recent public expression almost revolves around one theme: my wife kicked me out of the company, which is too difficult for me.

Mysteriously, Ming Ming is playing the same old tune again, but Li Guoqing can always use old wine and new bottles.

Before, he said he could not make Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, because even his wife could not make it. It looks like self-mockery, but the pattern is really, well, not big.

Think again, Li Guoqing often complains that Yu Yu has never washed his socks or cooked a meal for him after more than 20 years of marriage.

According to media reports, he also made such remarks in his circle of friends:

The so-called marriage is...... Sometimes I love him... Sometimes I want to shoot him down.... Most of the time I met his favorite dishes on the way to buy a gun.... I bought a dish but forgot to buy a gun.... I went home for a few days and thought I had to buy a gun....

The entanglement of love and pain, the anxiety of emotion and reason, we all smell, and even talk about a little empathy.

Wife does not wash socks and do not cook, is an analogy, the essence is that in the relationship between husband and wife, the wife is not responsible for daily trifles. I dont know whether Li Guoqing washes Socks by himself or by nanny. But in modern marriage, it seems that doing housework for the other party is only voluntary, not compulsory.

Marriage is very different. There is never a certain rule, only mutual agreement. Does Yu Yus failure to do housework mean that he suddenly repents after his marriage? If there is such a sign when we get along before, or if we have reached a tacit agreement, why do we have to teach each other and wash clothes and cook?

Many people dont understand what business couples are. I am a business couple. Lets put it this way. For a small business like ours, the home on weekdays is basically a hotel, and the weekend is not always an office.

When Dangdang is such a big business, expecting his wife to sign a bill during the day and go home to wash socks at night? Why do you want everything? Didnt anyone tell you to stay away from ordinary peoples life before you started your business?

And forcing the palace. In my impression, Yu Yu never responded to Li Guoqings complaints and accusations. It is Li Guoqing who has been exporting and enriching this story.

If its false, let alone talk about it. Complain and add drama, saying that I believe, dont disgrace?

Again, the relationship is not clear, so dont argue about whos right or whos wrong. Emotional matters can not be explained by a few right or wrong sentences.

But in any case, housework is hard to break, and housework is private. What is the trouble of an entrepreneur who always turns a program into family mediation?

Whats more, everywhere I talk about how cunning my wife is and how she doesnt divorce even though she doesnt care about her family. The relationship between at least two couples is still legally valid.

It is not known whether this is a hindrance of interests or emotions. While staying in the marriage relationship and not leaving, Im going to talk about how big the partner is. Brother, lets be honest. If youre kidnapped by the God of marriage, you blink. Wouldnt it be good for you to divorce without kidnapping?

I believe that there is true love in the world, but I also believe that love is a small probability event. Absolutely speaking, love is accidental, not love is normal.

It is a deep obstacle that we can get together and make such a large enterprise together. If the outcome of the tie up is to hurt each other, its really sad, but at least, the evidence of love has not run, is still there.

Love comes and goes without trace. We ordinary people cant grasp it. However, if there is a problem in love and we cant find a proper solution, at least we should try to do one thing: dont complain publicly, dont uncover privacy.

How much love can be restored and how much resentment can be made public. If I love you without regret, I respect the end of the story.