Masks cant stop Zhang Yins acting skills.

 Masks cant stop Zhang Yins acting skills.

Eyes are especially important for actors.

Big eyes are not good, such as Du Jiang, it is easy for the audience to play. Everyone who plays them asks, Do you have big eyes like that?

Its not good to have too small eyes, and there are many obstacles in shaping characters.u2014u2014

For example, Zhang Yi.

He said he was particularly afraid of acting in a play where he was awakened by nightmares while asleep.

So he needs to mobilize the whole face, even the whole body, to assist his performance.

In the new film My Motherland and Me, his face was blocked and only a pair of small eyes were left on the screen.

In the film, he plays a high-minded atomic bomb developer, whose work is confidential, who meets his former lover but cannot recognize him.

He didnt have many lines, his face was covered by masks, but he made a restrained and moving performance.

Many people praised him for his eyes, calling him an acting skill that cant be blocked even by a mask, and some reporters asked him in an interview: How can the eye play be performed?

He said the problem was not tenable. Actors never acted with their eyes, but with their hearts.

In other words, we have to admit that the weaknesses of the past seem to have become the strengths of today, and some of them seem to be hindering parts, which just make Zhangs translation today.

What has been said is not only eyes, but also looks.

Many people said he was ugly.

My girlfriends mother said that his face had been seated by his buttocks carelessly. He did not sit quietly, but carelessly.

No matter how serious he was acting, someone attacked his appearance.u2014u2014

Why does such an ugly man play No. 1?

Why does such an ugly man play with my goddess? It just lowered the face of the play.

These he had cared about before, these years have become go to you, I will do so, how, other opinions he can accept modestly, but this is force majeure, he is unable to return to heaven.

But there is a word especially suitable for him, cosmetic acting skills, before he really did not feel how handsome, can put what Soldier Assault, Chicken feather flying to the sky, Operation Red Sea... Ive seen it all once, and the more I see him, the more pleasant it really is.

When People interviewed Huang and Bo, he half joked and half earnestly attributed Zhangs achievements to not good looking.

There are some good-looking actors. Maybe once we turn around, the good feeling of the characters has been established. It takes 20 minutes for us to finish this turn. Over time, we have to devote a lot more time and effort to the details of our characters and various aspects than others.

Besides looks, there is character.

He loved to be alone since childhood. At that time, his friend was a dead goose head on the way to school. Every day, he found it on the way to school, talked to it, and hid it when he left.

Later, when he became a soldier, he seldom dealt with the society. When he joined the actorsprofession, he felt that his personality and appearance were not very similar to the profession, and he felt a little inferior.

Such a character does not sound at all suitable for mixing in this circle.

Now that hes made a little bit of a name, someone asked him:

He said it had become a matter of deep burial.

He likes Fan Wei very much and finds that even Fan Wei will return to a state of unconfidence after every play.

He felt that perhaps Fan Wei, like him, was a habitual inferiority complex, and that Fan Weis success might have something to do with his inferiority complex. He always felt that he could not do it, so he was in awe.

Sometimes he feels he cant.

For example, Chen Kexin asked him to play the upstart in Dear.

Chen Kexins answer is: Were looking for someone who doesnt look like an upstart.

The film was made and won many awards, including his own.

When Climber came to him, he felt he couldnt.

He didnt understand mountaineering very well. He thought that if he stood on a taller building, he could see more than half of the city. Besides, he could take the elevator. Why did he go climbing?

When he thought of being a soldier, he didnt have to train until the weekend, but he was asked to climb a mountain. He was tired. He didnt like it.

Later, he found that he seemed to be in good health, thanks to those training.

He played the role of Qusonglin in the film, which, in his words, was a flawed hero.

Like the movie, he finished his own climb.

He felt that perhaps those who spoke less in life could concentrate their energy and abilities on the instant explosion of performance.

In that case, I dont want to get rid of it.

The times are changing very fast, especially in the entertainment circle, which is changing rapidly. There are both hot and cold overnight.

Many people are rushing forward, but he always wants to hide himself.

Weibo is sent, but its almost all movie publicity, either its own or someone elses.

Many variety shows have looked for him, but he rarely participated.

Keep cats when youre okay:

Or answer some weird questions:

Because when he first came out, he was a well-behaved man, and met well-behaved teams and predecessors.

Their generation of actors still routinely follow the way of the previous generation to prepare for work.

So even after running for ten years, he was said that acting is death, but he never felt how bad he was when he was young.

Because this is in line with the rules, the rules are: first bitter then sweet.

Its like the reply from Izumi Berlin in The Climber when he asks him Why are you targeting me?u2014u2014

Im not aiming at you. I cherish you.

So when someone asked him, do you think its hard for you to be famous? he just said, it was hard at that time.

No road goes in vain.

Sometimes curve saving the nation is the shortcut of life.

He broke his ankle and was the No. 1 man. He didnt want to delay everyone. Colin Chaoxians phrase Captain, well wait for you made him cry.

He signed the Abandonment Statement and completed the shoot limping.

In Zhang Yimous One Second, his height of 178 was reduced to 110 jin.

In order to get close to the state of illness in the movie, My Motherland and Me, he only ate cucumbers for 10 days and lost 15 kilograms.

In Babai, his friend saw the film in advance and asked him after watching it: Did you play it?

Some say:

If you cant be found, another you succeeds.

So he has done so many plays, still not how popular, people remember not Zhang Yin, but Shi Xiaomeng, Meng Fan, Chen Jianghe, Dong Xiaofeng, Yang Rui, Gaoyuan, Qusonglin...

Zhihu Shangzhang answered a question:

What is an actors ideal?

In his reply, he said that when he was a child, he watched TV and often tried hard to look inside in order to save the people inside.

But his cat didnt know. He didnt want to be rescued.

For the sake of the film, he can endure a long wait and a poor life.

After all, love can go against all odds.


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