Foreign media: Chinese programmers protest against the dismissal of FB, which has aroused heated discussion among Chinese people.

 Foreign media: Chinese programmers protest against the dismissal of FB, which has aroused heated discussion among Chinese people.

Netease technology news on October 11, according to foreign media reports, a Chinese programmer at Facebook, a social media giant, was fired for accusing the company of bullying Chinese employees, an incident that sparked heated debate on domestic social media.

Yin Yi, a former Facebook software engineer, posted on wechat that he had been forced to leave because of lack of judgment, which resonated with netizens. It is reported that a Chinese software engineer from Facebook jumped from his headquarters in Menlo Park, California, and died last month. Yin Yi attended the commemoration for the Chinese colleague. Yin Yi, 37, said he received an e-mail warning the same day he attended the commemoration.

The commemoration on September 26, local time, turned into a demonstration in which participants protested against Facebooks discrimination against Chinese employees. Yin said that the personnel department sent him the e-mail and called him to a meeting the next day at which Yin was told not to talk publicly about the death of his Chinese colleague for privacy reasons.

A few days later, Yin Yi received a second and last warning, but said he had no violations of company rules or other specific reasons. Yin Yi was eventually dismissed on October 7. Pamela Austin, a Facebook spokeswoman, confirmed Yins dismissal, but denied it was due to her participation in the rally. Austin declined to comment on the details described by Yin. Another company representative, Charlene Chian, said Facebook would not comment on details of personnel issues.

The engineer described his experience on Wechat. He received more than 7,000 praises for posting about his dismissal on LinkedIn, a recruitment platform, and many people said they wanted to offer him a new job. It is known that the discussion posts about his dismissal have been browsed more than 1.6 million times.

Facebook wants all our employees to respect each other, especially when dealing with sensitive issues, Austin of Facebook said via e-mail. We will not hesitate to take action to ensure that all employees feel safe and comfortable at work.

But David Jin, co-founder of Deeper Network, a network security startup, said about 400 people attended the event, including non-Facebook employees in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kim, Yin and Austin all appeared in the videos, and Yin said she was the only Facebook employee wearing the company badge.

Silicon Valley technology companies have reached their limits, so employees are generally under pressure to cut jobs and improve efficiency, Yin Yi, who joined Facebook in July, said in a telephone interview. Chinese people usually dont look for trouble, leaving the impression that we are weaker and bullish.

After the suicide of a Chinese engineer jumping from a building on Facebook, both current and former employees of the company posted online posts about bullying foreign employees. At the commemoration on September 26, Patrick Shyu, a self-proclaimed Facebook and former Google programmer, said in a video that the Chinese employee who committed suicide had received an unfair rating and was therefore banned from reorganizing.

Citing an anonymous post on Facebooks internal forum, Shyu said this could affect its renewal of its H-1B work visa. Shyu said he was fired by Facebook. He did not respond to requests for comment via Twitter, and Austin declined to comment on Shyus allegations. (Chen Chen)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541