Depression: Why is it hard to go back to the past in life after recovery? Heres the answer.

 Depression: Why is it hard to go back to the past in life after recovery? Heres the answer.

Another example:

Some puzzles like this, in fact, bother many patients who are about to recover, or have recovered, so why do they do so?

The reason lies in that they have been solidified by negative thinking for a long time, and suffered from symptoms for a long time. In the subconscious and conscious mind, they form a kind of pessimistic, timid and fearful psychological problem with fixed consciousness of spiritual sensitivity.

How to understand such a sentence?

For example, a depressive patient, because of long-term negative emotions, depression, and negative thoughts erosion, gradually optimistic, healthy awareness and consciousness in the brain, will be in this symptoms of devastation, invisible is transformed, so that the parties as if they had changed a person, the previous active, bold, then become indecisive. Be timid and afraid.

Others had strong anti-frustration ability before, but since they recovered from their illness, their anti-frustration ability has been greatly reduced. A little wind and grass can make them insomnia again for the whole night.

You see, this is the life that rises again after being devastated by depression. Although they have recovered in clinical sense, the shadow of depression and that painful period have built up their pessimistic and negative cognition and thinking, which will affect them all the time and even affect them for a lifetime sometimes.

However, this is not terrible, as long as we understand this problem today, then we also have a deeper understanding of ourselves, that is: During depression, all kinds of bad thoughts and perceptions may solidify into our bone marrow, but also hidden in our subconscious, so that in the near future, even if we are. Its recovered, but its hard for us to go back. Thats why youve recovered, but its always hard to get back to where you were.

But you can still save yourself!

If you can look at your solidified thinking, then you have a foresight of perception, and constantly look at yourself, in order to adjust the pessimistic and negative thinking that comes into being during your depression, and continue to influence yourself.

We must try our best not to let these sick thoughts influence our lives. When you can perceive and examine the problems that arise after your recovery, then you are already the most sober recoverer. Then you will surpass the former self, instead of being influenced by the negative thoughts during depression. If you cant perceive, you cant look at them. And adjust, then you are not too insensitive.


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Aqiu is a national second-level psychological consultant, well-known emotional mentor, well-known emotional psychology writer and disseminator of physical and mental health. He has written a new book, Out of the Devil of the Heart, a soul book for the treatment of anxiety and depression, to accompany you to heal.