If a man really loves his wife, there will be nine kinds of performance!

 If a man really loves his wife, there will be nine kinds of performance!

A man who really loves his wife has great performance. If he can take one, he will marry the right person.

1. Be willing to depend on you

In fact, many women in marriage always do not ask for anything, afraid to burden each other, think that all marriages are like this, in fact, the people who really like you are willing to let you rely on, give you dependence. Because the man who loves you is afraid of not giving you enough; the man who does not love you is afraid of asking too much.

In marriage, what women fear most is not how much money men earn, but betrayal of marriage. Loyalty is the bottom line of marriage. There are too many happy families destroyed by extramarital affairs. The most taboo thing for women in marriage is that men betray their desire to marry and insult themselves. No matter how men compensate, it will become the pain that can never be erased in their hearts. A man responsible for marriage, a man who loves his wife, must know how to avoid suspicion with other women, keep a distance, do not provoke right and wrong, do not produce ambiguity, take the initiative to refuse all temptations. No misunderstanding, no right and wrong, no rare flag flying outside, only the red flag at home.

3. Be willing to tolerate you

Willing to tolerate your petty temperament, every time there is a conflict, he can not help but admit defeat, because he can not bear to make you sad, so he is willing to lose for you all his life.

Many men marry, enjoy the bosss style, and they are male chauvinism. Everything has the final say, and they never listen to their wives. In life, a lot of things are to inform the wife, not to discuss in advance, do not put the wife in the eyes, or even treat the wife as a fool, often belittle the wife, scold the wife, live with such a man, the woman has no status at home. The man who really loves his wife is respectful of his wifes opinions. No matter whether its a big or a small matter, he will tell his wife. He will discuss with his wife if theres anything and listen to her opinions. In marriage, its a relationship of reciprocity, mutual respect, and cooperation. In life, will not hide, pretend, will not let his wife guess and guess, do things fair and aboveboard, do people fair and aboveboard. There is no man who is afraid of his wife, only one who respects his wife.

5. Willing to give you a promise

Whether a man loves you or not depends not on the length of time you spend together, but on his willingness to give you a promise. I do not know how to retain, I only know that the person who loves me will never leave me, because he knows that I will be sad. You cant wake up a sleeper or move a person who doesnt love you. There are many reasons for not loving in the world: busy, tired, for your good... And the expression of love: just want to be with you! Give you a happy home!

6. Easy not to be angry with your wife, including patience.

There is a man who has endless polite words to outsiders, endless good temper, good manners, pleasant complexion and full patience, but he has no patience with his wife, no good temper, no cold words, no yelling, no moustache and staring, and always feels that his wife owes him. And the man who really loves his wife, even if his temper is bad, only loves his wife more, takes care of her gently, and knows how to control his temper and mood. Even if the wife is wrong first, they will not care, because they care, so do not care; because you have in mind, so you are very important, will not make you angry, make you sad.

In the case of male chauvinism, men are generally embarrassed to say love words. They think that they are old husbands and wives, and the true love is tacit. However, sensitive women always like to listen to mens love words. Even if men have different opinions, women are willing to be cheated by mens love words. A man who cant make a woman laugh cant be married. Similarly, men who cant hurt their wives well are not deserving of their wives.

The dutiful and filial man gave all the good to his own people and all the bad feelings to his own family. When dealing with the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, no matter whether the parents are right or wrong, the parents must be right; no matter the wife is right or wrong, the wife must be wrong. A woman should marry a dutiful and filial man, no matter how well she pays; no matter how virtuous she is, she is not appreciated by the man and his family. The man who really loves his wife will not let his wife be wronged in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In marriage, he will not turn a blind eye to his wifes efforts for the family. Because I love you, so I hate to let you suffer grievances.

9. Take the initiative to let your wife manage the family economy

Everyone says money is vulgar, but it is irresponsible not to talk about money. Money, for anyone, is the foundation of life. If a man is willing to give economic power to his wife, he is the biggest person in charge. He can make his wife live in peace and give his wife the greatest sense of security. Men who dont have you in mind, men who dont trust you, dont want to spend money for you, they wont give you a salary card. I really love you. The man who loves you will give you the greatest sense of security. They say that where the mans love is, where the money will be spent. Men give their hard-earned money to their wives, because love you will spoil you, do not love you, will not care about you at all. Love is everything. Women are born to be loved. The greatest expectation of marriage is to marry a man who knows how to love and care for himself, and to give himself enough security.

Many men like to compare their wives with others. How about their wives? They are beautiful and have money. But what I want to say is that before you comment on your wife, youd better see if you are a good husband. If your man occupies one of them, you are also married to the right person. No one is perfect, no one is perfect. If you occupy all five, you should cherish them with your whole life.