Divorce and remarriage: Dont be too optimistic, the outcome is easy to occur in the following three situations

 Divorce and remarriage: Dont be too optimistic, the outcome is easy to occur in the following three situations

Many people who remarry after divorce often use these two things to convince themselves: first, for the sake of children. Second, after all, so many years of feelings.

Before remarriage, I fully believe that as long as the hearts are still together, let go of the past and start well.

However, after remarriage, will there really be happiness?

According to Ming Yiyues research, people who divorce and remarry often have less marital life than those who first marry.

So if you want to remarry, dont be too optimistic. There are three situations that can easily happen in the end. Follow Ming Yi to take stock. Divorce should be prudent, and remarriage should be the same.

After remarriage, you will find that the problems in divorce have been repeated.

When you divorce, you may have hundreds of small problems, and even many big problems in principle.

At first, because it can not be solved, left.

Now, because of remarriage, these problems are repeated.

Therefore, when remarrying, dont be too optimistic. Believe that some problems can never be solved, and dont believe that getting married will make the other party more cherish.

The lost and recovered things are few to cherish, and many to give up.

[After remarriage, you realize that the feelings with cracks have already been unable to go back.)

When divorcing, no matter whether its caused by breaking up or silent, the split of feelings has already been predestined.

After the remarriage, you thought that everything could be set aside and started afresh. However, the days tell you in the repetition, really can not go back.

Mingyi believes that what can not be repaired in the world is the feeling of cracks.

Even after remarriage, you will find that cracks always exist, so dont be too optimistic. If the cracks dont repair, go back to the original.

After remarriage, when the previous mistakes are again important, when the past problems continue to emerge, when the feelings are broken again, you sad people find that divorce is actually very easy.

Yes, second divorce is often easier than first divorce.

For the first divorce, there were hesitations, hesitations and reluctance.

The second divorce, the heart is more determined, because you all know, really inappropriate.

If you dont, put it down. If you hurt again, you will be determined.

Therefore, people who remarry after divorce, do not think too optimistic, the outcome of remarriage can not escape the above three situations, do not do self-reflection and improvement, do not rush to remarry, once again hurt, the last injury is the life of two people.