Education is the kingdom, that unreasonable bear child insurance

 Education is the kingdom, that unreasonable bear child insurance

Li Meiling went to Britain for three years. When she returned home, she soon found Chen Xiaohai very naughty and never stopped. Li Meiling wants to discipline her son well, but she and her husband are very busy after returning home. Chen Yajun and Chen Xiaohai separated for too long, feeling guilty, and very tolerant of children.

So Chen Xiaohai became more and more naughty. Once, Li Meiling was concentrating on her work. Suddenly, the computer screen went black. Li Meiling looked around and the fan was still turning. Chen Xiaohai, his son, laughed, but he cut the computer line.

Li Meiling did not expect Chen Xiaohais rebellion to be so heavy. She saw other peoples children who were polite. Dont envy them. If Chen Xiaohai could sit on the chair quietly for three or five minutes, he would not stop for a moment.

On one occasion, as soon as she turned around, Chen Xiaohai deleted an important contract document on her computer desktop. Li Meiling was about to collapse. Li Meiling takes a broom and chases after Chen Xiaohai. Chen Xiaohai made a face and said, Come on, come on. He ran around the house, making things all over the place.

Hes too good at mischievous tricks. Sometimes, he sprinkles melon seed shells and scraps of paper on the clean floor just cleaned by Aunt Baojie. He also took advantage of the neighbours neglect to smash the jar placed at the door of her neighbours house, which caused Li Meiling to apologize.

More and more such things, Li Meiling gradually found that Chen Xiaohai did this in order to attract their own and husbands attention. But Li Meilings work is too busy and her time with her children is too little. Her heart is full of self reproach and guilt, and she is hard to discipline and restrain her son who makes mistakes.

On one occasion, Li Meiling had to take him to a clients home because she was too busy with her work. Chen Xiaohai is not honest at all when she comes to the customers house. She picks up the things and touches them east and west. She feels very embarrassed in front of the customer. She whispered to Chen Xiaohai not to disturb his uncles things, but Chen Xiaohai turned a deaf ear. Li Meiling was too busy talking to clients to take care of her son.

Just as Li Meiling and her clients were talking happily in the living room, suddenly there was a sound of smashing things. Li Meiling and her clients followed the sound and a jade bracelet smashed in front of her. Originally, Chen Xiaohai had never seen a jade bracelet before. He thought it was very novel. When he lost his hand, the jade bracelet fell to the ground. For this reason, Li Meiling lost thousands of yuan and lost the chance of cooperation.

There is a bear child at home. Li Meiling is almost ready to cry without tears. In fact, she doesnt know how to discipline her children. She could only expect her son to converge after primary school.

But Chen Xiaohai Primary School was more naughty. The head teacher told Li Meiling many times that he was too lively and talkative in class and often bullied her classmates. From then on, Li Meiling embarked on the road of apologizing to people at both ends of three days.

As the saying goes, boys are sick of dogs. Chen Xiaohais academic record is good, but his mischievous nature has not changed at all. There is no other faster and more effective way, Li Meiling will not give him pocket money. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaohai did not know where to learn this set, and he even charged protection fees to junior students.

Once, in order to compete for the basketball court, he and other classmates fought, in the conflict, the classmate fell to the ground heavily, the right wrist fracture. Li Meiling had to take Chen Xiaohai in front of her teacher to apologize to the parents of the students and pay more than 20,000 yuan for the medical expenses.

Li Meiling felt humiliated and gave her son a hard lesson. Chen Xiaohai was honest for a while. Not long after, Chen Xiaohai made another big misfortune.

One day, when Chen Xiaohai came home from school, he saw a big bird with dark blue feathers. He was curious to tease the birds with grass. He was pecked by the blue bird while playing. Chen Xiaohai felt a little hurt. He found a brick and hit the bird. The owner said that his parrot was a precious purple-blue Macaw and asked Li Meiling to compensate her for 30,000 yuan.

Faced with huge compensation, Li Meiling was frightened and dumb. She was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, because if she could make it, the family would go bankrupt sooner or later. Just when she was worried about her children, a parent gave her an idea that there was a naughty insurance for her children, called Bear Child Insurance.

It is understood that the bear child insurance is a guardian Liability Insurance launched by the PICC family property insurance for the troubled bear child. The products are mainly for families with minor children under 18 years of age. Because their minor children cause casualties or property losses to others, the insured should bear the economic compensation liability according to law, and the insurance company should be responsible for the compensation.

The security project includes two parts: one is the comprehensive responsibility of the individual, the other is the comprehensive responsibility of the guardian. The premium varies according to the amount insured. The insurance coverage for each accident ranges from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, with a cumulative maximum of 500,000 yuan. The minimum premium is 150 yuan per year and the maximum premium is 500 yuan.

This kind of insurance can be paid after it is bought. The child broke the neighbors window and hurt his playmate by accident... The insurance company can pay for all the mistakes. When Li Meiling heard about it, if she got Zhibao, she immediately called the insurance company.

The insurance company received a phone call from Li Meiling and said that Chen Xiaohai had killed a neighbors parrot, which was equivalent to damaging other peoples property, and Bear Child Insurance could pay for it. Hearing this, Li Meiling was moved.

Insurance companies are on call! And parents dont have to show up. Li Meiling was so happy! First, she was really busy, and secondly, she was really unwilling to deal with these troubles caused by her son, because every time she was blamed, How did you educate your children? How did you become parents? You are not fit to be a mother.

Faced with such accusations, Li Meiling felt humiliated. Now with Bear Child Insurance, it can not only help Li Meiling solve the problem of money in the future, but also stop facing the embarrassing situation of apologizing.

Li Meiling soon bought the insurance. Later, Bear Child Insurance gave Li Meiling great help! Gradually, Li Meiling was even less interested in Chen Xiaohai. She always felt that no small boy was naughty, especially when she listened to the work done by her cowboy children in the Tucao family, which was more wonderful than Chen Xiaohai.

Without parental restraint, Chen Xiaohais curiosity and courage increased. In the winter vacation of 2017, Chen Xiaohai was unwilling to go to the cram school. He sneaked home and was bored with his keys. As he walked back, he paddled the car by the roadside with his keys. He scratched eight cars in a row. Including BMW 7 Series, Audi A6 and other luxury cars, causing more than 20 scratches in size and heavy losses.

This time, the insurance company paid 140,000 yuan. Li Meiling was lucky to buy Bear Child Insurance, otherwise, the family would be bankrupt. But it didnt stop for two days. Chen Xiaohai celebrated his birthday with his classmate Le Le Jia. Le Le said, Let me show you something good. As he spoke, Chen Xiaohai opened the dark red silk cover and saw a brand-new grand piano with white metallic luster.

The children had never seen such a shining piano before, so they all pushed forward, when Chen Xiaohai was holding a full cup of coke in his hand. I dont know who pushed it. As a result, the whole cup of Coke spilled on the new piano and the music cried.

The piano is worth 80,000 yuan and has a regular invoice. Finally, the insurance company paid 15,000 yuan for repairs. Its settled. Li Meiling didnt say much as usual. But Chen Yajun, her husband, said, You cant rely on insurance companies for everything. You have to know that the more you pay, the more you pay. The key is that the bear child insurance can only solve the surface problems, but not the bear childs own problems! After listening to her husbands nagging, Li Meiling said that when her children are busy with their studies, it will be fine. Chen Yajun retorted that once a childs bad habits were formed, it would be difficult to change them.

In an extracurricular activity, Chen Xiaohai made several cuts with a knife in his classmates fathers car, which was a leather seat! Although the amount of compensation is not large, the parents are not good stubble, he said Chen Xiaohais parents must apologize to us face to face.

Li Meiling refused to come forward, so the parents of both sides started a dispute. Li Meiling is used to the insurance company. She is even willing to raise the compensation, but she refuses to meet. With the support of Bear Child Insurance, Li Meiling has become a Bear Parent.

The matter was finally settled by Chen Yajun, who went to the door in private to apologize before it was over.

But one wave is just flat, another wave is rising! In a chase of classmates, Chen Xiaohai fell down and broke his arm. Li Meiling thought of Bear Child Risk almost as a reflex for the first time. But the insurer, Xiao Dong, regrettably told her that Bear Child Insurance does not compensate for the situation of self-injury. All losses must be borne by the parents of the Bear Child.

Chen Xiaohai grew up. Where did he suffer such crimes? Especially in the orthopaedic department of the hospital, when the doctor was treating Chen Xiaohai, he was crying with pain. Grandpa, Grandma and Li Meiling pressed Chen Xiaohai aside and wiped their tears with heartache. Li Meiling had never seen such a scene before. She could not restrain herself at all.

Chen Yajun patted her on the shoulder and said, well, its just a fracture! I think hes so skinny. He should break a leg to be honest. This is his lesson!

Li Meiling was angry to hear her husband cursing her son so much. But as Chen Yajun said, the pain from the heart really calmed Chen Xiaohai. Because of the fracture and the limitation of movement, Chen Xiaohai cant get up to anything.

He saw the birds outside the window and didnt want to throw them away; he saw the disinfectant that the cleaner put on the floor, and he wasnt interested in crowding around; he saw Li Meilings mobile phone, and he didnt want to secretly send information to his mothers colleagues...

Because of the fracture, Chen Xiaohai moved a little and the wound hurt. In this way, after a period of special control, he became much more honest. Li Meiling loves her son so much that she calms down and finds that her way of education is totally wrong!

She looked at the bear child insurance in her hand and found that she was too dependent on it, which led to the worse and worse bear children, and she became a bear parent. If you buy Bear Child Insurance just for the sake of losing less money, it will reduce the loss economically, but it will increase the difficulty and cost in education.

Bear Child Insurance can solve property losses, but it can not solve the problem of childrens education! Only let the children receive a good education, is to let his future have real insurance. After thinking about it, Li Meiling decided to do something she had to do.

At the parentsmeeting, Li Meiling brought Chen Xiaohai, who was still on sick leave, to the front of the class and parents. First of all, she made a self-examination, because her negligence brought trouble to everyone. Then, Chen Xiaohai stood on the platform with a bandage, reading a profound review book, and his tears rushed down: I made a mistake, I want to be a good student, a good child, I want to break away from bad habits, know how to care for everyone! I will work hard!

Bear Boy often does something unreasonable and destructive. Although children are young and ignorant, the lack of family education is an important source of willfulness of bear children. As parents, they should educate their children as much as possible about what to do and what not to do... Schools should also carry out the necessary targeted education according to the age of students, especially paying attention to supplementing the social courses of public safety, traffic safety, fire safety and self-protection.

At first glance, Bear Child Risk is a good thing, but in fact it is chicken ribs, because it evades some of the responsibilities of parents, but ultimately parents can not evade the essence of the problem of educating children, that is, patience and care.