Why cant you be sensible, Because youre not worth it

 Why cant you be sensible, Because youre not worth it

Hes got all your emotions on cotton.

Just like a netizen wrote:

The saddest feeling is when you quarrel with someone because you express your sadness. The other side not only doesnt apologize, but also finds a way to make you feel wrong. So you can only regret that you shouldnt mention the whole thing...

There is no unprovoked quarrel, nor unprovoked grievance.

Your concern became his disregard.

Some men like to interpret womens attitudes as they are making a fuss.

Put all the questions on the girls with the phrase You need to be sensible.

So many girls will think: will they endure a little longer, and love will last a little longer?

Having seen the love experience of a girl on the Internet, she gradually forced herself into a special sensible girlfriend:

When you encounter problems, dont make any noise, dont have temper. Call him and send him a tweet asking if hes busy. Dont take the initiative to disturb him. If he says something, dont keep asking about his whereabouts. If he doesnt, its OK. When he says he wants to be busy on the date, dont worry about it. Let him go. Talking to him, he wont answer. He must be too busy. Dont always ask him to return everything. He doesnt remember his anniversary and birthday. It doesnt matter. He just took it as an ordinary day. Dont blame him. He doesnt want to spend more time together. Just do more of his own things and pass the time by himself. Dont bother him all the time. If he doesnt want to send pictures, dont always look at his circle of friends, and then ask him. He doesnt want to travel together, just go shopping. He wants to go to places with friends and buy things for himself.

However, her sensible failed to make love last, and she became the one who was abandoned.

She eventually learned that love has nothing to do with not doing it.

The person who loves you will not force you to become a sensible woman and endure all problems.

Its about giving you the best love you can.

There is a sentence on the internet: Good love is two people working hard, so hard love is one person persevering.

Some people choose to leave this love.

I saw a hot search on Weibo about the moment when adults decided to break up.

A girl made up her mind one night and ended her two-year relationship with her boyfriend.

That day, my boyfriend told the girl that he would go out for dinner instead of waiting for him to eat. However, when she got back from work, she found her boyfriend was happily watching variety show. Only when I asked him did I know that his dinner had been cancelled.

She didnt worry about changing clothes. Thinking that he was still hungry, she immediately asked him, what would you like to eat at night?

Unexpectedly, the boy said directly that he had ordered takeout and had eaten it.

The girl asked incredulously, Why dont you order one for me?

The boyfriend who came back early, only cared about his own food, completely forgot her.

On the contrary, his boyfriend played down: Forget it. Dont know if you want to eat or not?

My boyfriend wants to end all these contradictions easily by forgetting a simple sentence.

He went on explaining himself. He didnt care. He really forgot.

Her sadness, in his view, is to enlarge the simple things infinitely.

That instant, the girl remembered the past days, he ignored countless times.

Her heart was cold and she said, Ill never forget you.

Finally, the girl chose to leave this love.

When disappointment accumulates into despair, love cools down.

In love, there are many problems.

Good love, men will work with you to solve problems, not escape problems.

A girl quarreled with her boyfriend.

She found that her boyfriend had recently treated her coldly, and that they had less contact. She couldnt help talking to him. Both of them were a little excited.

When she was upset about the quarrel, her boyfriend offered to sit down and have a good chat.

Her boyfriend suggested to her that she treat her as someone who had no knowledge of their quarrel, and then narrate the matter separately.

Originally, she had so many troubles when she was practicing outside, so she wanted someone to listen to her.

It turned out that he was anxious about finding a job after graduation, so he didnt have the heart to listen to her.

In understanding each other, they are reconciled.

Love is not about two people confronting each other.

Its about two people confronting each other and understanding each others difficulties.

A girl recorded her love:

Communicate more, say happy things and unhappy things; do some common things with each other from time to time, even if you are busy, you should enjoy the same time; when quarreling, you should pay attention to contradictions, not attack each other.

In love, there are many subtle problems that need to be solved with care and patience.

There is a saying on the Internet that good love makes people stupid, bad love makes people mad, and the best love makes people children.

Good love is when two people care about each other and manage love together.