Xinhua News Agency: Womens Volleyball Team, the strongest guaranteed achievement, will suffer worse and worse

 Xinhua News Agency: Womens Volleyball Team, the strongest guaranteed achievement, will suffer worse and worse

Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou, Oct. 11 - sports review: accurately grasp the spirit of womens Volleyball

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Haoming

In recent years, the World Cup winning Chinese womens volleyball has become one of the most popular topics in the Chinese sports circle and even in all walks of life, and the praise for the spirit of womens volleyball is also higher than a wave.

Since the founding of New China, from the first world champion won by the leisurely national team to the breakthrough of Xu Haifengs Olympic gold medal zero, to the ten champions of womens volleyball team, sports has played a huge role in stimulating. In different periods, the spirit of Chinese sports represented by the spirit of womens volleyball has injected strong spiritual impetus into people, and the inheritance of sports has made womens volleyball an outdated spiritual totem.

It needs to be stressed that the spirit of womens volleyball is also the product of keeping pace with the times. Over the past 30 years, the Chinese womens volleyball team has remained unchanged in the belief, spirit and style of motherland supremacy, solidarity and cooperation, tenacious struggle and never-say-die. However, the new womens volleyball team has made great progress in international vision, scientific training, humanistic care, material security, market support and so on. It is no longer the same as the old womens volleyball team more than 30 years ago. This is the renewal of ideas and the progress of the times, which should undoubtedly be strongly affirmed and advocated.

However, in the praise and promotion of the spirit of womens volleyball, there are also some specious views in society, which deserve to be vigilant.

Some people think: Womens volleyball team is so hard, national football is so luxurious, it should let the national football team also live a hard life.

Little wonder, the womens volleyball team won the championship, not bitter out. On the contrary, the strongest logistical support in history has made great contributions. Modern sports competition is the competition of comprehensive strength. Economic strength, logistic support and scientific and technological research and development are playing an increasingly important role. If the National Football Team is allowed to live a hard life, in todays football world, the results can only get worse and worse.

There are also some people think: football, basketball are professional still play like this, womens Volleyball League is not really professional, the national team results are so good, it can be seen that professionalization is not good.

In fact, football, basketball and volleyball differ greatly in the degree of participation and market scale, so the steps and paths of volleyball professionalization are quite different from those of football and basketball. Even so, the professional reform of volleyball league matches is also hard to advance. For football and basketball, the cause of many problems is not too much professionalization, but professionalization is not thorough enough. If the professionalization of volleyball is done well, the volleyball Super League will become more and more popular, more and more people will care about and participate in volleyball, the space for training and selecting excellent athletes from the young volleyball seedlings will be more and more big, and the National Womens volleyball will also flourish because of the active water, win more honor for the motherland and bring more happiness to the people.

Apart from the spiritual level, the role of sports is also related to the health of the whole people, industrial transformation and upgrading, and peoples satisfaction in participating in cultural and recreational activities. At the national team level, it is very important to set up a flag to build a spiritual peak and a hall of honor, which can also promote project popularization and industrial development. However, the national team and the league matches are never contradictory, but interdependent and mutually reinforcing. In sports reform, the part that should be handed over to the market should be handed over to the market without hesitation in accordance with the principles and rules of the reform. As pointed out in the outline of building a strong sports country issued by the general office of the State Council in September, we should accelerate the development of sports industry and foster new momentum of economic transformation in terms of stimulating the vitality of market players and strengthening the supervision of sports market.

The spirit of womens volleyball team itself contains excellent genes of facing difficulties and daring to innovate themselves. Therefore, it must not become a self-proclaimed shield, on the contrary, it should become a driving force for the reform to move forward firmly.

Source: Author of Xinhua News Agency: responsible editor of Wang Haoming: Zhao Ruiqi_NB12596