Heart Comes Home on Healing Trip in the Film Snowmans Marriage

 Heart Comes Home on Healing Trip in the Film Snowmans Marriage

Netease Entertainment reported on October 11 that the animated film Snowmans Margin, co-produced by CMCInc. Dongfang DreamWorks, a member of Chinese culture, together with American DreamWorks animation, is being released nationwide. In the Let the Heart Go Home clip released by the film, members of the adventure team, Xiaoyi, Ajun, Peng Peng and Damao hugged farewell, completing this thrilling and warm healing journey home. After the film was released at home and abroad, the domestic audience was moved by the unique homecoming complex presented in the film, and expressed that they had won the most cured film tour during the National Day, while the foreign audience was surprised by the Chinese scenery and culture in the film. Since its release, the film has grossed $79 million worldwide and is expected to be included in next years Oscar for best animated feature film by well-known media.

Chinese Home Story Moves the Healing Knot of the World and Causes Audience Resonance

In the Let the Heart Go Home clip released by the animated film Snowman Margin, the leading actor Xiaoyi opened his heart by sending Snowman Mao back to his family. A journey away from home became a journey home for his soul, which touched many audiences. As an animated film produced in China and released globally, The Snowmans Margin, featuring a Chinese urban teenager, exhibits the unique home culture with Chinese characteristics to audiences all over the world. In the film, Snowman Mao can go back to his hometown Mount Everest through hardships and express the home in the hearts of Chinese people from the side. Home is the most important place and the source of strength. Home is the deepest wish of all Chinese people.

In the clip, Xiaoyi and his friends finally deliver the snowmans fur safely to Everest as they wish. The giant figure of his parents appears in the ice and snow. They hold the fur in their hands with pity and a happy smile on their lips. Xiaoyi, after embracing Damao and saying goodbye, watched Damaos magic repaired family fortune finally reconcile with herself, and reconcile with her mother and grandmother. Some viewers said after watching the film, they were cured and missed their parents very much.

Chinese Beauty Wonders the Success of Cultural Export of Contemporary Chinese Stories at Home and Abroad

As an animated film set in contemporary China, the Chinese scenery and culture in The Snowmans Margin also impressed audiences all over the world. After watching the movie, overseas audiences were shocked by the scenes in the adventure. They said, I can hardly believe that there really is a place called Huangshan in the world. At first, they thought it was a fiction specially for film. Yes, its just like fairyland. Faced with these beautiful scenery of the motherland, many domestic audiences are happy to express that finally, there is a film to show Chinas great rivers, mountains and culture to the world, which is not inferior to any main theme movies tender animation, it is very worth seeing!

Not only does the Chinese scenery in the film amaze the world, but also the Chinese emotional core in the film touches millions of audiences. Even the snowman Mao Wenmeng has entered the list of many people who want to run a and become a new Internet star. The animated film The Snowmans Margin shows the beauty of contemporary China in an all-round way. It enables the audience all over the world to experience the real charm of Chinese culture for the first time in an animated film. The beauty and culture of the motherland blossom in the film and complete a beautiful cultural export.

Spiritual Home Journey is a black horse in animation and is expected to be selected for the Oscar

The animated film snowmans fate is in the hot release nationwide. Since its release on October 1, the film score has been high. It has achieved a super high score of 9.3 on the cats eye platform, ranking the second in the score of animated films in 2019, second only to the devil child of Nezha, and also entered the top 10 in the score of animated films in film history! The good results of 7.5 bean paste, 93% big V recommendation, 81% rotten tomato index and 96% popcorn index were obtained. The audience was moved by the warm homecoming story and the warm snowman. Snowmans Margin has become the most laughing and moving animated film for the audience during the holidays.

At the same time, up to now, the animated film Snowman Margin has been released in 46 countries and regions around the world, with a total of 79 million US dollars in box office. The film has received a lot of praise overseas. Overseas audiences excitedly expressed that they like this story very much. The film shows the charm of Chinese culture very cleverly, which not only brings me countless joys, but also lets us understand it. Its a real China. Its great! Scott Feinberg, columnist of The Hollywood Reporter, even predicted that Snowmans Wonderful Margin would join Toy Story 4 and Dragon Trainer 3 in the list of best animated feature films for next years Oscar. The unanimous applause from audiences at home and abroad made the film a truly masterpiece of public praise.

Snowman Margin is co-produced by CMCInc. Dongfang DreamWorks, a member company of Chinese culture, together with American DreamWorks Animation. It is co-produced by Beijing Federation of Film and Film Cultural Media Co., Ltd. Jill Culton acts as director and screenwriter, and Todd Wilderman acts as co-director. Tim Johnson is an executive producer, Suzanne Buirgy and Peilin Chou are producers, and the film is currently in high praise.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)