The victim of overhead rollover was a single parent whose father and daughter could not stand crying when they saw the license plate.

 The victim of overhead rollover was a single parent whose father and daughter could not stand crying when they saw the license plate.

Xinjing News on October 10, Wuxi 312 National Highway K135, Xigang Road bridge overturning accident occurred, resulting in 3 deaths and 2 injuries. Today (11), a neighbor of the victim, Wang Mou, told reporters in the Beijing News that Wang Mou was a list of father-in-law and had a daughter at home who was studying in the third year of junior high school. Wangs daughter cried bitterly when she heard of her fathers accident. She was unstable for a time and refused to eat because of her depression.

According to Wuxi official notice, at about 18:10 on October 10, the bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 National Highway 312 and the bridge crossing on Xigang Road. According to the on-site search and rescue, there are 3 cars under the bridge, including 1 parked car (no one, the driver has found it), 2 people on 1 car, dead, 1 person on 1 car, dead. There are five vehicles on the rollover bridge deck, including three cars and two trucks. The accident resulted in three deaths and two injuries.

Beijing News reporter learned that Wangs white car was forced to roll under the bridge after the accident, and Wang has been killed. Today, a neighbour of Wang Mou told Xinjing News that Wang Mou is a list of father-in-law, a manager of a machine tool manufacturing company, and has a daughter at home who is studying in the third year of junior middle school. Neighbors introduced that Wangs family was from Sichuan and lived in Wuxi for many years. On the evening of the incident, Wangs daughter saw her fathers license plate in the video of the scene of the incident and cried bitterly. She was once unstable and depressed and refused to eat. Relatives and neighbours came to comfort her.

Elevated rollover accident: six traffic accident disputes involving truck companies in one year

According to public information, from 2017 to 2019, Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd. involved at least nine legal proceedings. From the end of 2018 to 2019, there were six cases of being prosecuted, all of which were caused by disputes over liability for motor vehicle traffic accidents, i.e. traffic accidents happened on trucks belonging to the company.

Wuxi Crossing Bridge Rollover Accident: The Legal Representative of the Enterprise Involved was taken away by the police

On October 11, 2019, the Interface News saw a white-dressed woman taken away by the police at the entrance of Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd., a transportation enterprise involved. Later, it was confirmed by the mother-in-law and sister of the woman in white that the woman was Liu Jianping, the legal representative and the largest shareholder of the enterprise. In addition, the interface news learned that Li Yang, another owner of the enterprise involved, was taken away by the police on the evening of the incident.

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