It is this renovation that 182 A-level scenic spots have been delisted, downgraded or warned.

 It is this renovation that 182 A-level scenic spots have been delisted, downgraded or warned.

Beijing: Jimingshan Scenic Spot Apply for Cancellation of Grade 2A Scenic Spot Qualification

According to the Beijing Bureau of Culture and Tourism, on September 20, the Miyun District Cultural and Tourism Bureau revoked the AA-level qualification of Jiming Mountain scenic spot.

Miyun Jiming Mountain Scenic Spot is a voluntary application to cancel the qualification of the Scenic Spot. Miyun Jiming Mountain Scenic Spot is explained to be unable to add more effective forces to the management and construction of AA-level tourist attractions due to its own reasons.

Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft Client understands that the scenic spot is a free scenic spot, with two rivers, Chao River and Hongmenchuan River nearby. In mid-August this year, the scenic spot was temporarily closed due to water damage.

Hebei: 23 delisted Chengde Summer Resort were ordered to rectify

On September 30, according to the information of Hebei Provincial Civil Travel Department, since August this year, Hebei Provincial Civil Travel Department has organized a review of 294 A-level scenic spots in the province. In the process of review and inspection, it is found that some tourist attractions have problems such as low level of resource development, quality of service to be improved, inadequate safety management, and relatively backward product innovation.

It is understood that as many as 107 scenic spots were punished, accounting for 36% of the total number of review scenic spots, 23 delisted scenic spots, accounting for 8% of the total number of review scenic spots. The number, intensity and scope of treatment scenic spots are the largest in history.

Shandong: Four scenic spots were warned of delisting 15 scenic spots

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Office of Culture and Tourism announced the results of the annual review of 4A-level tourist attractions. After the review, 21 4A-level tourist attractions with serious substandard or serious problems were dealt with. Among them, four scenic spots such as Niulang Zhinu scenic spot in Yiyuan, Zibo City, were delisted, two scenic spots such as Tashan scenic spot in Yantai City were downgraded, and 15 scenic spots such as Shuijianxia scenic spot in Jinan City were warned and ordered to rectify and deal with, with a period of three months.

Zhejiang: 4 4A scenic spots were delisted and warned 10

On October 9, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Zhejiang Province announced to the outside world its views on the treatment of 19 national 4A-level tourist attractions in Zhejiang Province. Among them, four scenic spots such as Linan Liuxi River scenic spot were cancelled and 10 4A scenic spots such as Linan East Tianmu Mountain scenic spot were warned and corrected within 3 months. In addition, five 4A-level tourist attractions, such as Tangqi Ancient Town on the Yuhang Canal, were notified and criticized, and rectified within a period of two months.

It is reported that the four scenic spots were cancelled because they did not meet the requirements of 4A scenic spots. Among them, Linan Liuxi River scenic spot has been closed for more than one year, without any renovation and construction, and has been in existence; Longwan Yalin Agricultural Sightseeing Park and other three scenic spots, in response to the requirements of greenhouse renovation, demolished most of the tourism facilities and leisure and entertainment projects, resulting in the loss of most of tourism functions.

Guangdong: Five scenic spots were delisted and 13 scenic spots were ordered to rectify.

Ningxia: 14 A-level scenic spots were delisted or downgraded

According to the Ningxia Tourism Review and Inspection Report on Class A Tourist Scenic Spots, the Ningxia Autonomous Region Tourist Scenic Spots Review and Inspection Team has carried out a review and inspection of 79 Class A Tourist Scenic Spots in Ningxia since the beginning of August. According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Grade Management of Tourist Scenic Spots and the results of on-site scoring by the review team, after consideration, 16 A-level tourist attractions with serious substandard or serious problems were notified.

Among them, 2 5A scenic spots have been closed for renovation, 4 A scenic spots have been delisted, 3 scenic spots have been downgraded and 7 scenic spots have been warned.

According to the report, at present, two 5A level scenic spots in Shuidonggou tourist area and zhenbeipu Western movie city are required to be closed for rectification. The specific reasons are unclear ticket announcements, more complaints from tourists and outdated safety protection facilities in Shuidonggou tourist area. However, as the scenic spot of the film and TV series Dahua Journey to the West, the western film city of Beibu, which used to be the scenic spot, has the problems of over-commercialization of tourist service center, outdated recreation facilities and imperfect sign system.

Industry insiders: supervision and supervision of tourist attractions should be normalized

For a number of A-level tourist attractions annual review processing results, some netizens said, 4As platoon, 2As service, super As slaughter knife, it is time for good rectification. Another netizen said, Only by working hard on the management and service of scenic spots, can we create the connotation of tourism culture.

In terms of where to go network, people believe that online tourism platform not only pays attention to the annotation of scenic spots, but also pays more attention to the quality of service and word-of-mouth of businessmen. They are the first responsible party who directly contact with consumers. Once the merchants cause the problems such as inadequate service for purchasing tickets and the scenic spots are not covered on the holiday itinerary, they will directly affect the display of the commodities of the merchants and even the off shelf processing.

Source: Zhongxin Jingwei editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368